On the corner of Black Rock Turnpike, across the road from Little Pub, you can find Robeks Fresh Juices & Smoothies. This smoothie chain gained national traction in January after a video of a Fairfield man using slurs and throwing a smoothie at the employees in the shop went viral. But beyond this altercation, Robeks is a great and easy spot to go if you’re looking for a good, tasty smoothie. 

I personally purchased the “Raspberry Romance” smoothie which includes strawberries, banana, raspberry sherbert, non-fat frozen yogurt and raspberry juice. The smoothie was refreshing and I definitely recommend it. 

Other flavors I was tempted to try and will have to try next time are the “Hummingbird” which is mango, strawberries, banana, orange sherbet and passionfruit juice and the “Tropi-Kale” which has fresh kale, pineapple, pineapple sherbet, non-fat frozen yogurt and papaya juice. 

The menu includes way more than just smoothies and juices, so if those are not really your speed, no worries because Robeks also has different kinds of toasts and smoothie bowls. 

There are three kinds of toasts at Robeks: a classic avocado toast, everything avocado toast and an acai almond butter toast. The Classic avocado toast features avocado topped with drizzles of lemon and olive oil and sprinkled with chili flakes and pink Himalayan salt. The everything avocado toast has avocado and tomato sprinkled with everything but the bagel seasoning. The Acai Almond Butter Toast definitely seems the most interesting to me and is topped with acai greek yogurt, fruit, honey and almond butter. 

There is no shortage of flavors of smoothies though, so you are sure to find something appealing to your taste buds and flavor preferences! There are all types of smoothies ranging from wellness to low-calorie to performance to tried and true classic smoothie flavors. They also have acai smoothie options. I personally really like that they have a Naturally Coffee smoothie because that is just a mixture of two of my favorite things: smoothies and coffee. 

Some of the juices they have include; their ABC which is apple, beet and carrot, a cucumber apple, lemon and ginger juice called the Cool Cucumber and more. They also have a variety of wellness shots like wheatgrass, turmeric and lemon-ginger. 

There are a lot of smoothie and juice places nearby to campus, but I think Robeks is pretty underrated compared to the other more well known options like Playa Bowls and The Granola Bar. 

This smoothie shop is just about a mile off of campus and a great stop if you are looking for something refreshing and quick. If you are ever near Blackrock, definitely give Robeks a try. Due to the abundance of options provided on the menu, you will be sure to find something there to satisfy your taste buds! 



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