Walking into the Dunkin Donuts in the John A. Barone Campus Center, I met Sarah Rufl ‘22, who was listening to “Walls” by The Lumineers. When I asked her why she liked it, she replied that it was “good for studying,” as you need something slow and acoustic to relax while pounding out all of your homework.

Later that night, while strolling through the quad, I came upon Tori Foust ‘25. She shared that she was listening to “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals. This song got more popular recently due to Tik Tok, and Tori said she likes it because of how “upbeat” it is when she is walking around campus. 

The next day when I was cutting through the BCC, yet again, I met Emily who is a first-year student. I didn’t get her last name, but she was listening to “Pink and White” by Frank Ocean. When I asked her why she liked it, she replied that her playlist was on shuffle and this was the song that came on. Frank Ocean plus homework? That’s a total win in my book. 

Leaving the Tully Dining Commons on a Tuesday night, I came across Wolfie Storz ‘25, walking with his headphones in. When I asked him what song he was listening to, he said: “In My Life” by the Beatles. Describing why he liked it, he said it was just a “nice song to listen to.” No one can argue with the classic sound of the Beatles.  

Located in the BCC the next morning, I came across Megan Ragoz ‘24, listening to her extensive playlist. She described her favorite songs at the moment, admitting she “can’t decide” but topping the list would be “Mr. Right Now” by 21 Savage, Metro Boomin and Drake. For a chilly Wednesday morning, she went with what she described as a “hype up” song due to its optimistic sound.  

In our dining hall, I met Alaina Tarollo ‘23 and got a chance to hear about one of her favorite songs at the moment. “Rainbow” by Kacey Musgraves wasn’t just her favorite because of its “uplifting” sound, but because of the person who sings it. She praised Musgraves for her humble nature, as well as the ability to make a song that applies to any situation someone may be going through.  

Again, in the Tully, enjoying her lunch was Annie Mackey, ‘24. In chatting about some music, she is currently loving “La La La” by Sam Smith and Naughty Boy. She describes the song as having a “good rhythm” that she just says “keeps her going” through her studies. Saying the song is “not too much for the morning or the night,” we recommend giving it a listen for late-night studies or early morning classes.

We saw, throughout this week, that many students turned to upbeat music for a pick-me-up during the busy midterm season. We recommend taking a listen to your fellow Stags’ top picks to help you get through these next few hectic weeks!


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