Due to the pandemic that we have been coping with for around a year now, we students have been forced to sacrifice our spring break to try to reduce the spread of COVID-19. With this virus still wreaking havoc on our safety, social lives, schooling and countless other things, including this break that we have looked forward to every year, I thought we could lighten the mood by reminiscing on less socially-distanced times. Spring break is normally a time when students can enjoy a time of rest and relaxation away from their schoolwork, and maybe go on vacation. However, since we presently do not have the luxury of enjoying this, I like to think back on the time I went on one of my favorite vacations: when my friends and I stayed in a beach house together in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

I was in high school at the time, the summer after my junior year, and my friends and I stayed at a beach house in Narragansett, which my friend’s aunt so graciously let us stay at for a week. Our fun-packed vacation days were spent soaking up some sun, taking a dip in the ocean at the beach and eating out at restaurants like The Coast Guard House, where we splurged on some fancy seafood. We’d occasionally take a break from our fun at the beach and visit some other nearby tourist spots, such as Fort Wetherill. This graffiti park is a cool spot where visitors can view and make their own graffiti art on things like staircases, rocks or buildings. After admiring the street art, my friends and I visited a rocky cliff face at this same spot, where we sat and looked out on the crashing waves. At night, we’d return to the beach house, cook meals together and have movie nights. One night, we decided to visit Old Mountain Lanes for some late-night food and bowling. When our trip finally came to an end, we got ice cream on the way home, looking back on all the fun we had throughout the week. That week, my friends and I made memories that we’ll never forget, and that I still look back on fondly.

During these troubling times, we can find some solace in reminiscing times like these before COVID-19, and look to the future where we will hopefully be able to enjoy times like these again without worrying about catching or spreading the virus. For now, although it is difficult to limit our time spent in person with our friends and family, we can spend our time finding creative ways to enjoy ourselves together in socially-distanced ways, such as by face timing or watching movies together online. Until this pandemic comes to an end, we can keep our spirits up by reminding ourselves that one day we will be able to once again see our loved ones without worrying about our safety or the safety of those around us.


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