TikTok has brought a lot to the world, especially over the past year. From lively entertainment to quick recipes, to shopping hauls, viewers have been exposed to all types of videos. But more importantly, this popular streaming app has also given a huge platform to singers and songwriters who can post their original songs online. This form of social media allows them to easily go viral, which includes millions of views and a full comment section asking the creator to put their music on Spotify or Apple Music. From regular people all across the country, here is a list of all of the best songs to come from new artists that became known through TikTok. All recommendations are available on streaming platforms everywhere. 

“Nine Months” by Annia DiRusso

Annie DiRusso’s single “Nine Months” gives voice to a new wave of indie-rocker hits coming from a new generation. The song is filled with angst and betrayal over someone who ruined your life throughout the entire time they were in it. Listeners get a release of clarity once they realize all the ways they should’ve been treated better, with DiRusso’s ending line powerfully saying, “So don’t you ever say we were in love.”

“Groundhog Day” by Em Beihold

Due to the pandemic, many people found themselves back in their childhood bedrooms in their parent’s house, living the same day over and over again. 22-year-old Em Beihold brought these feelings to life in her viral song “Groundhog Day.” She sings about her friends’ lives moving forward while her life stays in the same place. This is truly for anyone struggling to change or feeling like they’re holding themselves back. 

“Two Weeks Notice” by Leanna Firestone

“Two Weeks Notice” is one of the most poetic and powerful melodies to be released in the past year. After receiving almost three million views on TikTok, Firestone released a full-length version of the song that received attention. In a songwriting style that is entirely her own, Firestone tells the story of someone treating their relationship like a job. The gut-wrenching heartache threaded throughout the piece is a punch in the heart at every line. Especially when she sings, “and if retail has taught me anything/If people want to go, you should let them go.”

“Greetings from Suburbia” by J Soloman

An old-timey, folksy acoustic track that sounds like nothing else out today. J Solomon found himself gaining media traction with his song “Greetings from Suburbia”. He sings about his suburban Pennsylvania town and all the different kinds of people in it. His cheeky songwriting and fascinating melodic rhymes describe what happens after high school graduation, and you’ll evidently find yourself relating to lines and recalling people from your past.

“Bechdel Test” by Isabel Pless

A transformative, thought-provoking song recently released by Isabel Pless details the strange feeling that being in college gives you: a foggy and confusing time that can only be figured out by writing about it. She sings, “I’ve been asking everyone/’How long do you think the ache will last?’/ They don’t know yet”. This tune provides a pivotal point of attempting at making sense of young adulthood and “trying to see the genius of it all.”

“Bad Day” by Justus Bennetts

Sometimes, taking the high road just isn’t what you’re feeling. When that time comes, “Bad Day” is the piece for you. Sometimes there’s a person that treats you so horribly that it makes you feel better to wish them the worst. The lyrics depict all of the tedious hassles that can go on in a day and wishing that it happened to the person who has hurt you. A harmless, upbeat song that might just release some of that pent-up resentment you feel against someone from your past or present.

“She Gets the Flowers” by Beth McCarthy

Sometimes, you have to sit in your feelings for just a minute. Sometimes, you question why someone you once loved has found someone else. Beth McCarthy’s “She Gets the Flowers,” tells the story of a girl comparing herself to her ex’s new girlfriend. The story is told in a cathartic, heartbreaking song that will invoke sympathy when she sings, “She gets the flowers…right?”

“Family Reunions” by Maddie Zahm

This breakup song totally makes its own genre as it provides a different take to a relationship ending: in the case where you love your significant other’s family more than you love him. In a country-pop crossover, Maddie Zahm sings about being unable to move on from her ex while his sister is still calling her and his mom is sending her recipes. A smart, considerate track that will have you pondering the thoughtful hook, “Friends don’t bring friends to family reunions.”

It’s amazing to see how much talent is completely unknown but has been given a platform in such a short time due to TikTok. So, if you haven’t already, stream these songs to support these artists who are just starting out their careers and have so much to offer. Happy listening! 


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