As a young teenager who had a passion for fashion and was starting to become passionate about saving the environment, I decided to Google “hippie clothing stores” to find a company that made sustainable and cute clothing. One of the first websites that appeared was, and when I clicked, I found a company that did it all – sold beautiful clothing, used organic and recycled fibers and had an incredible blog with cool pictures, recipes and styling tips. After all these years, I still buy much of my clothing from Soul Flower. This company was environmentally-conscious before many others in the fashion industry realized they had to be. While many fashion companies promote body positivity and inclusion, we must also remember how important sustainable fashion is.

With all the unsettling news regarding environmental issues lately, you may have heard that buying new clothing is not very sustainable, and that the fashion industry is in major trouble regarding how environmentally-friendly their fashion practices are. Creating new clothing requires using an excess amount of water, chemicals and energy. Although many companies have turned to more sustainable ways to create clothing, the planet’s ever-growing population continues to buy more and more of it. This causes companies to have to constantly create new clothes to keep up with the amount of people buying them. In recent years, thrifting has become increasingly popular due to its more sustainable approach to style. However, many people still enjoy the thrill of buying new, unworn clothing.

Soul Flower is one of the fashion companies making sustainable strides. If you look at Soul Flower’s Eco Guide, you will see that the company makes a great effort to create eco-friendly clothing by using organic cotton, recycled fibers, low-impact dyes and hemp. Much of Soul Flower’s clothing is also made in the United States and is fair trade certified, meaning you can be assured that the people who make the clothes earn a living wage and that the production process is socially, economically and environmentally responsible. If “hippie” clothing isn’t your style – not to worry! Soul Flower makes basic tees, leggings, pants, skirts and dresses. Over the years, I have bought many pieces from Soul Flower and some of the pieces I bought over five years ago are still holding up! Here are a few of my favorites from this amazing company:


Organic Cotton Classic T-Shirt


This is probably my favorite piece from Soul Flower. Although it is a basic, it can be dressed up or down – I have worn this top for Christmas dinner, and now I wear it as one of my gym shirts. The best part: I bought this top in 2014, and it still holds up to this day!


Plant Flowers Recycled T-Shirt


This piece holds a very special place in my heart. Soul Flower’s tireless commitment to sustainability is showcased by wearing this beautiful shirt. Not only it is made of recycled fibers and organic cotton – it displays a great message! Sadly, the original product that I own has been discontinued, but a very similar piece sold right now at Soul Flower can still be bought on their site.


Tie-Dye Leggings


I’ve bought three of these pairs of leggings in my life, and I loved all of them! Since they are tie-dye leggings, each pair is unique, meaning there is not one pair that is exactly like another. Wear these funky leggings to any yoga or exercise class and you’ll be a star. Tip: If you buy these, you can request certain colors be used in the tie-dye process – I’ve had pairs of green and yellow tie-dye, sky blue and orange tie-dye and now I’m on a pair of purple and blue tie-dye!

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