One of my favorite parts of throwing a party is making sweet treats to match the vibe, and spooky Halloween parties are no exception! During the month of October, there are so many different recipes you can create and decorate to cater to your aesthetic. Ranging from sweet to savory, here are my favorite ideas when looking for adorable and tasty snacks that your house guests will love.

Charcuterie board

Everyone loves a good board—you get to pick on so many staple and light treats like crackers, grapes, cheese and whatever else you add. I’ve seen a few different styles on social media that you can try out like making a prosciutto and brie-shaped hand or a hocus pocus witch creation. Honestly, it’s a great way to be creative and unique by finding your own style you want to try out. Either way, this is definitely a top contender for a good spooky grazing dish. 

Hot Dogs

In the midst of football season and fall weather, a hot dog is one of my favorite filling meals. You can cut each hot dog to look like a detailed finger or buy puff pastry dough to turn them into mummified pigs in a blanket. My recommendations will always be Saugy Dogs (or Hebrew National) and Pillsbury Dough. 

Chocolate-covered strawberries

There are so many different ways you can decorate a chocolate-covered strawberry! For ghosts to pumpkins, just find colored dipping chocolate and pipe the faces on. These will be sure to go fast as they are light and refreshing. Some may dare to say they are even healthy!


Oreos give you abundant opportunities as well. You can put small straight pretzels into the cream and eyes on the top to represent a spider or break one in half and stick the two halves opposite of each other in a new cookie to make a bat. Any of these can also be easily added to a cupcake to make it more filling. 

Rice Krispies

With food coloring and some shaping, you can make Rice Krispies into anything your heart desires. A couple of drops of green and you can turn a block of cereal into a zombie or a few drops of orange can make a pumpkin. Similar to other designs you could also make ghosts, mummies, skeletons, candy corn and more.

Cake pops

Cake pops are super easy to make—just buy a cake mix, bake it in the oven and crumble the hot loaf together into little balls. With frosting, chocolate and sprinkles you can make them into several fall-inspired shapes or symbols. Some creative and scary ones include eyeballs, witches and vampires. I’d say you definitely have to have a steady hand for this one, though!


With a little bit of chocolate, you can make a cluster of pretzels into a spider web on its own or as a cupcake topper! You can also use the single, thicker rods as something to decorate with frosting or chocolate as well. My favorite, however, is simply a smaller pretzel sticking out of a Reese’s cup, creating a witch’s broom look.

There are so many treats that you can make to match the autumn and nearing Halloween aesthetics—these are just a few of my favorites that I have tried for myself. If none of these catch your attention, I suggest just trying to make your regular day snacks in a different way. You would be surprised at how many everyday treats you can make spookier with just a little bit of creativity! 

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