I consider myself a pretty clean and organized person. I always make my bed, throw away my trash and put my clothes in my closet or laundry basket. I basically just keep everything tidy on a daily basis. And while most people can probably agree with me, there are definitely some others who would not. 

Spring cleaning is a designated time in which people are encouraged to cleanse their entire house from top to bottom and make some other renovations to enjoy the seasonal change. This includes everything from tossing out those outdated salad dressings to planting a beautiful row of flowers in your front yard. 

During the cold winter, most homes are insulated, making it easier for the dust to accumulate and for the air to become stagnant. Continually, that severe seasonal depression can leave many people struggling with keeping their house neat. It’s no wonder why living in an unkempt environment can impact your emotional health and physical well-being. Though the cleaning process can definitely be daunting, you will notice a huge stress release and an improvement in your mood when all is said and done. 

So, when you gather the courage to lift those carpets and reveal the monstrous dust bunnies, here are some spring cleaning tips to keep in mind!

Windows – I love to keep my window open during the warmer months. It makes my room smell summery, I hear the beautiful birds chirping and my room is illuminated with natural sunlight. However, I always seem to leave a bunch of fingerprints on the glass or have a large bug graveyard sitting near the screen. My favorite product to use for a quick makeover is ‘Windex’.

I also think the season change marks a perfect time for a switch in curtains too. Search for some lovely spring patterns or soft bright colors to lift your spirits. You can even add a small flower pot or other decorations to the sill.

Kitchen – Talk about a deep clean galore! The kitchen is home to so many appliances that are obviously bound to get dirty. But, first and foremost, I suggest you really go through the fridge. I can not express this enough. There have been many occasions where I have gone to eat something but soon realized it was expired. So, take everything out quickly, wipe down the shelves, throw away any old food and reorganize the safe-to-eat products back into their home. 

Checking the ‘good-by’ dates goes hand and hand with your pantries too. Don’t just look through the items by picking them up and reading the year, but instead, take everything out at once and only put it back in if it is safe. This way, you have a greater chance of purging your cabinets of all the spoiled products and organize your drawers in the process. 

Lastly, thoroughly wash all appliances! This includes emptying the crumbs from the toaster, wiping the microwave free of grease, scrubbing the oven and emptying the sink. To add an extra flair, clear away all of the clutter on your countertops and light a candle.

Bathroom – Everyone’s dreaded chore will always be cleaning the bathroom, and it is certainly with reason. But even while you plug your nose and wash away your own filth, just imagine how relieving it will feel when you are finished.

Make sure to dig far into the shower and sink drain for washed-down hair. It can be super damaging and will certainly clog your pipes, this I know for sure as I have experienced it all of my life. Some hair may also lay on the sink countertop if you shave your face, so make sure to wipe up those pieces or any other piles of hardening toothpaste with ‘Clorox Disinfecting Wipes’.

And, of course, scrub the tub and toilet. Douse the bowl in the toilet cleaner and turn on the fan to reduce the chemical fumes. Additionally, you may want to wash the floors too.

You can also easily organize the bathroom by purchasing a drawer divider and separating your toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup and other skincare items for a finishing touch.

Closet – Go through all of your winter clothes and store them away for next year; the warmer weather is here to stay! Bring down your summer attire and try them all on. If they don’t fit anymore or they don’t match your new style, wash and fold them into a trash bag and donate them. For any items that still fit you and you love, hang them up or tuck them into your drawers! You also may want to switch out your shoe selection to some sandals rather than snow boots.

Decorations – Now that you’re all clean, no one is stopping you from adding some extra spice to your home. Most people find enjoyment hanging up different shower curtains or laying down a fresh bath mat or rug. You can even switch your bedding for a new beginning. 

However, my favorite spring renovation is when people update the outside of their house. Welcoming patio furniture, a freshly mowed lawn and a beautiful landscape filled with flowers always take my breath away. 

So take the day or weekend off, blast some music and get to cleaning. Not only will you feel incredibly productive, but the weight from your shoulders will immediately rise once everything is clean.

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