As the remnants of winter fade away, the arrival of spring brings fresh air and new attitudes all around. As the sun casts its rays down on us, a sense of renewal fills the air, infusing the campus with an irresistible energy. Suddenly, everyone wants to get out of bed, get outside and do something! I have compiled a list of fun spring activities students can partake in, on and off campus. 

Go to the Beach

This is a very basic suggestion, but it works. One of the best qualities of Fairfield University is the fact that we are so close to the beach. On a nice, sunny, spring day, what could be better than grabbing a blanket and sitting on the sand? With its beautiful shores and breathtaking sunsets, the beach offers the perfect setting to unwind from the demands of academic life. For me, just going to the beach improves my mood because it provides me with a taste of summer. 

Take a Walk

Another idea that sounds simple, but is one of my favorite things to do. When the weather is finally nice and the flowers start to bloom, I love to be out in nature admiring it. If you are stressed out about academic work or anything in your life, taking a walk allows you to calm down and decompress. I love to walk with friends and just chat about life, but also going by myself is therapeutic. You can choose to walk around campus or even downtown. Not only are there physical benefits to taking walks, but it provides an opportunity to connect with nature, destress, and rejuvenate both your body and mind.

Visit a New Place

When the weather finally stops being rigid and unbearable, something to do is go exploring. I love visiting new places and seeing new things. If you have a car on campus, I would suggest taking a road trip with your friends one weekend. If you are looking for somewhere close by, towns like Greenwich, Washington, New Haven and New Cannan are perfect for a little day trip. Newport, RI and Boston, MA are farther options but could be such good ideas for a weekend getaway. If you don’t have a car on campus but still want to explore, I highly suggest taking the Metro North into NYC. There is so much to do in New York, especially during the springtime. 

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are looking to engage with the community this spring, there are so many options to do so. Campus Ministry offers a plethora of opportunities for students, including service with children, animals and food insecurity. You can volunteer at Operation Hope or the Black Rock Food Pantry. There are also ways to volunteer at animal shelters with PAWS (Pets and Welfare Society). More simply, you can take a walk on the beach and participate in beach cleanup. There is always something to help with or clean up, and you can make a beach day out of it!

Attend Sporting Events

Nothing screams spring like a good baseball game. Attending a baseball or softball game is the epitome of springtime entertainment, offering a perfect blend of outdoor excitement and leisure. Our Fairfield University Baseball and Softball teams play many games a week, so I suggest attending one! If baseball is not your thing, maybe try watching a lacrosse game. Attending sporting events on campus is a great way to build a sense of community and support your fellow Stags!

Embracing the spirit of spring by trying new activities and getting involved on campus opens doors for exciting opportunities and enriching experiences. As the cold weather gets pushed behind, I encourage you to take this list and try at least one thing. Being out in the warm weather is a perfect way to distract yourself from all the stressors in your life. Engaging in activities and making the most of your time is what the college experience is all about!

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