With spring now in full swing, the shift from hot chocolates and coffees to fun summer refreshers has definitely taken effect. We are spoiled for choice on campus with two Dunkin’ Donuts and a Starbucks—two companies with a notable rivalry when it comes to the beverage game. Both are known and revered for their coffee—but which one reigns supreme when it comes to fun spring drinks?

Individually both are strong. Shared offerings include iced teas, green teas and chai lattes. Personally, I feel like they tie in iced tea as both have a good range of flavors for your inner tea lover including green, black and herbal teas. As an avid tea drinker myself, this makes me very happy. However, when it comes to chai and green tea lattes there is a clear difference. For me, Starbucks takes the cake for chai—there’s a more rich depth of flavor while not being too overpowering. On the other hand, I prefer Dunkin’s green tea lattes, the flavor isn’t too earthy and overpowering and I feel like you get a little more for your money given the size differences of their cups. 

Some of the best Starbucks-specific drinks include their refreshers, like their passion fruit iced tea and the strawberry açaí with lemonade. After a recommendation from a good friend, it’s safe to say that it’s one of their best drinks on the menu. It’s sweet and a little sour with little strawberry slices that make you feel a little fancy. 

Dunkin’s best drinks for the warmer weather are definitely their frozen coffees and their coolatas. It’s a bit like a milkshake but not as heavy. My personal favorite is the vanilla bean but they also have blue raspberry and strawberry. A couple of other noteworthy drinks include their own refresher which has a nice lemonade flavor. 

No matter what chain you prefer, it’s safe to say there’s no shortage of options. If you’re feeling adventurous try something new instead of your usual order—you never know what you might find. Happy sipping! 

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