One of the biggest excitements of starting your first year at Fairfield University is exploring the downtown area of Fairfield, Conn. and seeing what it has to offer. For newcomers, the best way to get around to all of these new places is by catching a ride on the Stag Bus! Our campus shuttle runs on the hour, every hour. During the week the bus begins at 7:00 a.m. while on the weekends it starts at noon. Yet, the last ride will always be at 9:00 p.m which you don’t want to forget! Here are the stops the Stag Bus makes, along with some of Fairfield’s favorite highlights:

  1. Fairfield Metro North Train Station: Our first stop, the train station, is perfect for anyone looking to have a fun day trip in New York City. Once the shuttle drops you off at the town’s train station, you can buy a ticket to take you to the heart of Midtown in Grand Central Station. This is a definite perk for students looking to do something fun on the weekends. 
  2. Downtown Bookstore: One of my personal favorites stops is the downtown bookstore. It is the perfect place to study or catch up on some homework while enjoying a refreshing drink from the Starbucks cafe inside. Within walking distance from the bookstore are restaurants and stores that have become very popular with Fairfield students; I’ve listed some of my top ones below! 
    1. Colony Grill, 1520 Post Road
    2. Malibu Taco, 1177 Post Road
    3. Flipside, 1125 Post Road
    4. Firehouse Deli, 22 Reef Road
    5. ‘Wich Day, 808 Post Road
    6. Mecha Noodle Bar, 1215 Post Road 
    7. Apricot Lane, 1499 Post Road
  3. Stop and Shop: Do you need to pick up some study snacks or dorm necessities? Hop on the Stag Bus to Stop and Shop! Although our school store on campus has the basic necessities, Stop and Shop has an expansive selection of groceries. Just remember to bring a strong reusable bag on your trip – that way, you don’t have to worry about carrying loads of plastic bags up to your room. Nearby Stop and Shop is also a Marshalls and a Bed Bath and Beyond.
  4. CVS/Whole Foods/Chipotle: The last stop before coming back to campus goes to CVS, Whole Foods and everyone’s favorite Chipotle!


When you find yourself on Fairfield’s campus next year, catch a ride on the Stag Bus and make sure to try all of these places and so many more! Happy Orientation, and welcome to Fairfield!


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