With this year having Fairfield’s highest-ever number of admissions acceptances, there are lots of new Stags on campus who are chomping at the bit to see what their first year of college will look like. Fortunately, the campus is full of experienced students who were more than happy to share some things that they loved and were looking forward to at Fairfield. 

Junior Lucas Smith has been feeling the energy in the air on campus and was excited to kick off the year. 

“I’m looking to make the most of any opportunities given to me, whether that’s in the classroom or resume building,” he said. 

Indeed, many students seem to have a feeling of anticipation for the coming year and the opportunities it may bring. With the numerous class options and job opportunities available, this anticipation can easily be made into a reality. There are many seniors this year, like Giorgi Kuparaeze, who utilized Fairfield’s assets to prepare himself for post-graduation life. 

“Next semester, I will have an internship in public health … now I’m gathering my applications and planning my post-grad period,” he said. “I love the support I’m getting from the academic staff.” 

As made evident by the huge turnout of the club fair, there is a wide variety of different clubs on campus, making it easy to find interesting pathways and new friends, much like Sam Healey ‘25 spent his freshman year doing. 

“I’m already in a number of clubs, but I went to the club fair and now I’m planning on joining some new ones, which I am excited about! Meet some new people and try some new things,” he said. 

Finding new friends is high on the list of goals for many when going off to college. Fortunately, the student body is made up not only of students from around the country, but also from around the world, so finding peers with similar interests is extremely easy to do. Senior Mirella Fernandez is an exchange student from Spain and is particularly interested in experiencing the University’s culture. 

“I’m looking forward to having an international experience, improving my English and having an understanding of how American Universities function,” she said. “I like the campus life, because in Madrid we don’t have that opportunity,”

A fun way of meeting new people on campus is through the many different events that will take place throughout the year. Sophomore Celia Huber, like many other students, is particularly looking forward to this year’s celebratory events like the President’s Ball and Santa Con. Huber enjoyed the ladder as a freshman last year and is excited to have some more fun this year!

The most common answer received for both questions is the excitement of being able to see friends again. Senior Veronica Stovall is living in a beach house this year and believes that it’s an excellent way to connect with those around her. 

“I love being able to run into people from campus and being around friends,” she said.

Living on campus with other students is an opportunity like no other, so it’s no surprise that everyone listed it in some shape or form!

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