Okay, guys, we’re back! September is in full swing, which means that our Stags are back on campus and gearing up for the new semester. Between prepping for classes, seeing friends again and getting involved with clubs, there is definitely a lot keeping us excited about what this school year has in store. Let’s see what our students are looking forward to the most about finally being back in Stag Country! 

I think we can all agree that one of the best things about being back at school is seeing our fellow Stags again.

Sophomore Gianna Greco shares “ever since arriving back on campus, I have already met so many new people and made new friends, so I’m excited to keep meeting new people!” 

Sophomore Chloe Manasier agrees with this, adding that she is also excited to get involved with new opportunities on campus. 

A lot of our juniors are excited to be living in their townhouse-style homes this year! Junior Sam Healey is excited to be living in Barnyard “with all of my buddies,” and junior Emily Aschenbrenner is pumped to “be back with all of my friends and live in the townhouses!”

 Junior Erin Resnick echoes this, expressing her excitement about having more independence from living in the townhouses. Erin also adds that “as you get older, there are more opportunities to do things that are related to your specific major, and what you want to pursue in the future, which is really exciting for me.” Like many other students, Erin is eager to take advantage of Fairfield’s awesome career opportunities this semester!

The new school year also brings a lot of new Stags to campus. First-year Taylor Kiggins is super excited about her first semester in Stag Country, especially after becoming a new member of the dance ensemble. “I can’t wait for dance classes to start and to meet my new teammates,” Taylor shares. We love to see our first-years getting involved! 

While some journeys at Fairfield are just beginning, our seniors are excited to make the most of their last year of college. Senior Emma Paolantonio says that she is excited to be living on the beach this year (the Fairfield dream!) and to go to all of the senior events. Senior Luiza Sperling is super excited about all of her classes and about her new minor in Editing and Publishing. We wish you the best senior year ever, Emma and Luiza!

Junior Ella Panasci is “excited for all of the campus events, like Pres Ball and the basketball games,” and junior Nicole Eisenberg is looking forward to “cooking family dinners and hosting people over at my house.” Sometimes it’s the little things that we appreciate the most! 

Junior Danielle Oteri says that she is “so excited to start cold plunging again,” and shares that every day she goes down to Pennfield Beach to cold plunge in the ocean. That definitely seems like an effective way to get your day started! 

Whether you are taking freezing cold dips in the Long Island Sound this semester or not, there is definitely an abundance of excitement on campus to keep you amped up for the new semester! 

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