Summertime. I am so relieved. Personally, I will be working my you-know-what off this summer, but I love my job, so it’s a good time. But my main goal this summer is to make time to be with my family and friends as we relax on the beach. So, those are my plans, now let’s hear what some other Stags will get up to.

From what I’ve gathered, travel is big this summer. I’m jealous. Sophomore Angellus Mendoza is “going away with family to Italy.” She has family who live in Europe and “can’t wait to see them.” 

Sophomore Aimee Sardilli also has family out of the United States and will visit them in Ireland while she studies abroad there this summer. She looks forward to seeing them in Ireland as she’s “never been there before.”

Dang, so many people have relatives everywhere. I want a family somewhere nice so that I can go visit them. 

Family travel continues within the United States for Stags like Morgan Kochis ‘24, who will head to Florida to see her grandfather in a nursing home. She states “they get the whole family there and cheer him up.” She visits Florida for “a little over a week.” Once she returns, she will work at a school as an aid for a camp for students with different abilities. 

Studying abroad seems like a popular way to travel this summer as Frances Harmon ‘25 is studying abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France. She wants to paint there. I feel like you can do that here …  but okay. She claims, “She paints here, but she wants to paint in Provence.” Okay girl, whatever floats your boat. 

More people are traveling … Sophomore Luke Hassiak will visit Costa Rica in May and is staying at an all inclusive resort. The highlight of his trip will be when he zip-line’s and drinks at swim-up bars. Even though he isn’t 21, he comments, with intensity in his voice, “it’s legal there don’t worry.” Okkkkkay. Oh, and he has a hot tub in his hotel room. 

Sophomore Aubrey Silverman is going on vacation to the Bahamas with her family and is “excited to go swimming with sharks.” She had to fight her dad to let her go this time as she pouts, “he didn’t let me swim with sharks last time.” 

Hawaii is a hot destination too. Sophomore Bianca Piñero will head to Hawaii with her best friend Nohea Breeden ‘25. Piñero looks forward to interacting with little kids as they explore the islands of Hawaii. Even though she’s not a resident of Hawaii, she is going to see Breeden there who claims that she will “soon live there.” 

Stag’s still need to get their money up over the summer. Junior Thomas Drillien can’t wait to do math over the summer as he will intern with Ernst & Young as an auditor. When asked if he’s excited, he says “Very much so.” He can’t wait to crunch some numbers and go out to happy hour with the team. I mean the happy hour sounds fun, but I could go without the crunching of numbers. 

Besides working all summer as a student nurse intern at the Flynn Oncology Fellowship at Smilow Hospital (what a mouthful), Charlotte Delmonico ‘24 looks forward to visiting her cousin in Jackson Hole, Wyo. In Wyoming, she can’t wait to hike and visit the national parks! 

Fellow nursing student Ben McKeon ‘26 is going to embark on EMT training and will go to Virginia Beach with some friends from home.  

Incoming first-year Tiara Campbell looks forward to vacationing this summer. She’s going to work at Red Lobster “and will run that bag up.” During the month of August, she’s going to take part in Academic Immersion, a program that runs for incoming underrepresented students at Fairfield. 

Crystal Arbello ‘27 will also join Campbell this summer on campus for AI. But before her month-long stay at Fairfield, she’s going to Puerto Rico! While there, she’s going to hit “the best beaches in the world” and eat “the best food ever.” 

Shelly Nguyen is another incoming first-year who will attend AI. She’s a little “scared” because she can’t leave campus for a month. She’s excited to “meet new people” though and “make connections with them” as she begins her college journey. 

Sophomore Jennifer Peña claims she is “excited for the summer,” but doesn’t have an answer as to why. I feel that. Don’t stress about the summer. Instead, relax, take it slow and do whatever your heart desires. See you next semester Stags!

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