Summer has come and gone and it is finally time for school to start back up again. Back in August, I had some time to set a list of goals for myself this semester, and I think I did pretty well this year. I mean, I do have two years of experience with this. Here are my top six goals for this semester!

  1. Not spend all my money: The broke college student stereotype is so relatable. We college students have so much freedom to do whatever we want, however, not everything is free. This semester I want to be wiser with how I spend my money, which means I have to lay off Doordash. 
  2. Find downtime to do something relaxing or enjoyable: Classes can be incredibly stressful, and sometimes the workload can be overwhelming. It is crucial to find time to unwind and do something that takes the stress away. Taking care of your mental health is critical.
  3. Try something new: College is the perfect time to try something you have never done before! Join a new club or try an intramural sport. Trying new things can also introduce you to more people, which means new friendships! 
  4. Stay on top of school work: Life can get busy during the semester, and it’s quite easy to get off track when it comes to schoolwork. It’s important to balance the fun and the academic parts of college life. Time management and organization is key!
  5. Go to bed earlier/get more sleep: While you might find energy drinks to be the best option to gain energy, I think sleeping might be the smarter option. I get it, it’s hard to go to bed at a reasonable time and get eight hours of sleep. However, it pays off when you have a ton of energy the next day.
  6. Be more productive: It’s surprising how much downtime you might have in college, and while downtime can be good, there is also a thing such as too much downtime. Productiveness doesn’t always have to be studying, it can also be spending time with friends or doing a favorite hobby!

Sticking to new goals can be hard, but I like to always think about how the hard work toward achieving these goals will pay off in the future. Don’t start all at once, take it day by day. Soon you’ll find that your goals will become a part of your daily routine. I hope that some of my goals inspired your list for the semester!

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