After a long-term investigation, The Vine staff Emeritus has determined the best, most popular pizza by Fairfield University: Colony Grill.
Colony Grill is conveniently located on Post Road, a four-minute car ride from campus and a jump across the street from the Fairfield University Bookstore bus stop. The pizzeria and bar offers a one-size, 12-inch pizza for $9.75 which can be enjoyed for a full solo meal or split between two. Each topping costs an additional $1.75. While Colony does not offer delivery, despite ranking #2 for best delivery deal and #3 for best delivery time to campus (Stags, why have you betrayed me?) on the student poll, Colony is the only of our ranking pizzarias to offer either gift cards or Stagbuck payments. The “Home of the Original ‘Hot Oil’ Bar Pie” was ranked #1 for best tasting pizza — being placed first by 28 out of 64 voters, second by seven out of 64, and third by six out of 64, meaning over 66 percent of voters rank Colony in their top three local pizza places.
In terms of food, Colony only offers pizza. However, their pizza options go beyond the  traditional cheese and gluten free. They also offer a healthy-eating salad pizza, available whenever the kitchen is open, and a breakfast pizza, which is only offered weekends between 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Despite the lack of additional food, Colony does have a popular bar which remains open beyond the kitchen hours (which vary drastically from day to day). The atmosphere is relaxed, perfect for families and a popular destination on the weekends — good luck getting a table during Family Weekend.
Our survey included questions asking for the ideal price per pie, best tasting pizza, best delivery deal, best delivery time to campus and best pick up in terms of distance and convenience. Each voter ranked each pizzaria from best to worst (best scoring one point and worst five points) and results were tallied based off of who had the lowest ending score (like golf.) While Colony received first-place by a landslide, Planet Pizza landed firmly in second with Pizza Mediterranean coming in a close third. Based off of these results, the consensus was that, if looking for good deals and fast delivery, Planet Pizza is the place to go, with their 14-inch small pizza for $10.99 plus $2.50 per topping. Pizza Mediterranean didn’t rank first in any category, but ranked high overall due to landing second for Best Delivery Time to campus, third for Best Delivery Deals offered, and third for Best Pick-Up.
Like with anything else, there are pros and cons to all of the local pizza places but, if you’re looking for something new to try – these three pizzerias are a good place to start.

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