Christmas is in full swing here at Fairfield University. You will find a Christmas tree in just about every building on campus. You will hear Christmas music playing in the Tully. You will see lights and garland strung up in the Barone Campus Center. 

But there is one special, fan-favorite event that comes with the Christmas season at Fairfield: ‘Stuff a Stag’!

Hosted by Fairfield@Night, ‘Stuff a Stag’ is an annual, late-night event where you can create your very own plush friend. With so many adorable plushie options, holiday music, hot chocolate and cookie decorating, this is the perfect event to celebrate the holiday season!  

In speaking with students and event coordinators, this is one of the most anticipated late night events of the year. In fact, there was so much interest shown by students for the event this year, that there was even a need for a waitlist.  

I know that for many students, including myself, this was a highly anticipated event as it could not take place in person last Christmas season due to COVID-19 restrictions. Last year, around this time, all Fairfield students were at home, completing their semesters online. 

However, this did stop Fairfield@Night as they found a creative way to make this event possible by sending the plushies and supplies to the houses of students who ordered them online. Although this was a great way to celebrate the holidays, even as we were apart, I knew that I could not pass up the opportunity to attend ‘Stuff a Stag’ in person this year with my friends and classmates.

When I entered the event, I was greeted with friendly Fairfield@Night staff members, blaring Christmas music and the delicious smell of hot chocolate. The Fairfield@Night staff did an incredible job of making this event so much fun for everyone and helping students, including myself, with every step in stuffing our stags. 

There were just a few fun steps to follow in order to create my own festive friend:

The first step was to select my animal. There were so many cute options to choose from: a polar bear, a penguin, a reindeer, a husky and, of course, a stag! It was incredibly difficult to choose just one plushie, but I finally settled for the adorable husky. 

The next step was to collect the supplies to stuff the animal. The stuffing was a must in order to stuff my plushie. Then I selected a stuffed heart in order to fill my new festive friend with love. Finally, I picked up an adorable birth certificate for my husky so I could give him a name (I decided to name him Snowshoe to stick with the winter theme!) and hold on to the fun memory of creating him.

Once I picked out my animal and collected my supplies, I was ready to stuff my stag! 

I grabbed some hot chocolate and other holiday sweets and sat down with some friends to create my festive friend. We had such a fun time creating our plushies, naming them, singing along to holiday music and enjoying some holiday treats. I could tell from the atmosphere in the room, from the laughing and singing and crafting, that everyone who attended had just as much fun as I did. 

This event certainly did not disappoint, having been my first time attending in person. Fairfield@Night did an amazing job putting on this event and making it fun for everyone who attended. I already cannot wait to attend ‘Stuff a Stag’ next year! 

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