Phineas and Ferb said it best: “There are one hundred and four days of summer vacation, and school comes along just to end it. The annual problem for [this Stag] generation is finding a good way to spend it.” 

For senior Karla Castro, her summer may not have been filled with building a rocket or fighting a mummy, but she did take a trip to Lake Compounce with a big group of friends. Jumping on and off the exhilarating carnival rides and spending hours escaping the heat in the water park, Castro thinks back fondly on the experience. The soon-to-be graduate describes how she was “so happy” as the day was a “nice break” from the academic workload she finds herself balancing. Castro’s favorite memory was plummeting down Mammoth Falls after convincing her friends that, “it was not as scary as it looks,” even though they may not say the same. 

While Castro was busy braving the Wildcat, junior Angelo Corsini found himself face to face with his idol and favorite YouTuber, Matpat. Owner of the Game Theorist channels, as well as a co-producer, alongside his wife, of the “Grey House” on Broadway. There is not much this man cannot do. After a special performance, Corsini was able to attend a talkback, where Matt and his wife Stephanie answered questions and met with their fans. Not only did the superfan get the opportunity to give Matt a fan letter and a copy of a school project based on his YouTube community, but he is even featured in the recording of the talkback on the “Grey House” channel. While Angelo was “unable to snap a photo with [his] idol,” the chance to meet Matpat will be an opportunity he is forever grateful for.

Sophomore Jonathon Werley found himself back on campus this summer as he began training to become a New Student Leader (NSL). Werley describes the two weeks back on campus as “one of the most educational, bonding and enjoyable experiences” throughout his break. While the days could be mentally draining, “team fun” was always a priority. Gathering in large groups to play Mario Kart in the McCormick Lounge, or visiting town to enjoy 16 Handles after a long day were just a few of the NSL’s favorite memories. The sophomore continues to love his time as an NSL, and strongly urges anyone interested to join!

First-year Anna Minino may have not been surfing tidal waves or climbing up the Eiffel Tower, but she did find herself in Galicia, Spain to visit the place where her parents grew up. Staying with her grandmother, Minino was gone for most of the summer spending time with friends and family. One of the new Stag’s fondest memories was going on a hike to a waterfall where she and her friends found themselves swimming and jumping from rocks all day. Minino finds herself thinking about these memories constantly, as she “can’t wait to go back” to make even more. 

While these Stags’ summers may not have been as crazy as that of two cartoon brothers, each of these students was able to create memories and bonds that will last them a lifetime, and fuel them with a newfound passion for the start of the new semester! 

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