Do you know your vitamins? It’s okay, not many of us do. We know the basics: vitamin A helps your eyesight, vitamin C is found in Kool-Aid and Hi-C juices and vitamin K is found in kale. Now that summer is almost here, it is important to know about vitamin D. You may have heard that getting vitamin D is achieved by being out in the sun, which is true. However, if you aren’t a fan of the heat, or won’t be outside much this summer due to work or internships, there are other ways to get your daily dose of vitamin D.

The main benefit of vitamin D is calcium absorption in the stomach, which in turn promotes bone growth and prevents conditions such as osteoporosis. One of the most well-known drinks that has high amounts of calcium is milk. But not everybody can or chooses to incorporate milk into their diet. I never liked milk myself, therefore it has always been hard for me to personally get the proper amount of vitamin D. Don’t worry – there are other ways to get this important vitamin!

The best way to get vitamin D without going outside and getting some sun is by taking supplements. There are plenty of vitamin D supplements that aren’t in pill form – the Vitamin Shoppe offers vitamin D3 gummies that have no preservatives or artificial flavors. Also, the incredible SugarBearHair company offers a vegan multivitamin that has 500 percent of your daily value of vitamin D2. Vitamin D3 is said to be 300 percent more effective than vitamin D2. However, there are such few differences between the two that having vitamin D2 in your multivitamin as opposed to vitamin D3 is perfectly okay, you will still get the proper amount of the vitamin!

It is very difficult to receive vitamin D from food, as very few foods have the vitamin. The few foods that have vitamin D include milk (as mentioned above), egg yolk and fish. If you are trying to achieve small doses of vitamin D, try incorporating one of these foods into your diet. Otherwise, the best way to get vitamin D is to catch some rays. If you find yourself not going outside very much during the summer, or not being able to tolerate the heat, getting some sun in small doses can also do the trick.

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