There is such a fine, fine line between sunglasses that make–and sunglasses that just absolutely break a look. That’s probably the reason I own over 15 pairs of different sunglasses. Different shapes and colors give me the choice to match my sunnies to my outfit. I personally take my fashion advice from celebrities I look up to: Kanye West, Bella Hadid, Danielle Bernstein (@weworewhat) and Arielle Charnas (@somethingnavy).

I’m extremely deliberate when it comes to sunglasses. I pair gold jewelry with my Ray-Ban Hexagonal Flat Lenses. I curl my hair and wear pink blush and light colors and throw on my light blue and clear Warby Parkers. I wear LF and a pop of red and slide a pair of black skinny cat eye glasses down to the tip of my nose.

Some days my mood decides my sunglasses, and some days my sunglasses decide my mood.

My favorite sunglasses in my collection are: Ray-Ban wayfarers in honey, Ray-Ban hexagonal flat lenses, The Haskells by Warby Parker and Quay Australia’s black High Keys. I love finding new brands and trying new styles and while the styles I wear and love rotate a lot, the brands I love tend to always stay the same.

Ray-Ban is a highly reliable brand with great customer service, warranty plans, and they’ll always tighten and clean your glasses for free in any store. While their glasses are on the more expensive side, the quality of what you’re getting is high. My second favorite brand is Warby Parker. Founded in 2010, this is a brand that goes above and beyond. For every pair of glasses you purchase they give one away to someone in need. Their glasses are affordable, fashionable, and they come out with new styles weekly. For a trendier pair of sunglasses I always head to Quay. They partner with celebrities all the time and their styles directly correlate with what’s trendy at the moment.

Sunglasses are an important part of my wardrobe; they block the sun, the haters, and pull together any outfit. I’m not done buying sunglasses (despite my parents and brother’s pleading with me to stop). The next pair of glasses I absolutely NEED are Givenchy GV7057s. They’re the most adorable aviators with little stars adorned around the top rims. Recently I’ve been obsessing over stars and these will definitely be my next purchase. Next week I’ll be talking stars, jeans, and gold accessories.

All my love,

Eleanor Davis


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