As flowers are planted in front of Canisius and at the feet of Lucas the Stag, students want to spend as much time soaking up the spring sun as possible. Already, I’ve seen the Quad turn into a football field, picnic spot and tanning spa. But with warmer weather comes the end of the semester, meaning an abundant workload. This does not mean you have to be stuck in the library until May. The Fairfield campus has plenty of outdoor study spots perfect for finishing up a paper on “The Canterbury Tales” or studying for your Organic Chemistry final. 

My go-to spot for a relaxing sunny day is the Quad. I bring my backpack and a large blanket and pick whichever spot speaks to me that day. The top of the mound is a good spot to be on display, but I prefer a more low-key spot. The great thing about spreading out on a blanket is that you can do this anywhere. So if the sun gets too hot, you can move ten feet and lie under a tree. 

When I really need to bunker down for a big assignment but still want some fresh air, I sit at the picnic tables outside the Stag Diner. The table and chair are a comfortable setup and I tend to be less distracted when my laptop isn’t constantly falling off of my lap. The built-in umbrellas also offer some nice shade which allows you to see your computer screen easily. 

For reading a book, a hammock would be a fun choice. I have never done this myself, but it is certain that on a nice spring day, you are sure to see someone hanging around campus in a hammock. This might be best for work that requires only one material, like reading or doing work solely on your laptop. Just find a few trees and hang out!

If you are looking for something more private, take a stroll down to Bellarmine Pond. You can take your lawn blanket here or occupy one of the benches. This study spot is by far the most serene. The sound of the water and the plants blowing in the breeze create a tranquil environment to get some work done. You should not encounter too many people here, but definitely watch out for geese and turkeys!

College students are chronically indoors throughout the school year. So “carpe diem!” Seize the day and welcome the warm weather. Breathe in the fresh air and put on your sunglasses while you dive into your Consumer Culture homework.

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Christina Silvestri is an English Major with minors in Editing & Publishing and Italian Language & Literature.

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