The Stag is a great place to eat on campus when you’re craving something better than the Barone Main Dining Room food. And unless you confusedly bring your pre-packed PBJ to the bronze statue on the Quad, the usual result is sharing a nice meal at The Stag Diner. The typical offerings include a sandwich deli, a grill and a pizza place. However, now there is another option: a sushi bar.

The Stag had some limited sushi offerings in its refrigerated section in past semesters, however, the pickings were rather scarce and this section disappeared this past year, until the recent addition of Sushi Do.

It’s called Sushi Do with the slogan, “The Way of Sushi.” It offers a multitude of Japanese food favorites. Whether you’re looking for a familiar feast with vegetarian rolls, spicy rolls, California rolls and seaside rolls or if you’re willing to venture and eat some eel, Sushi Do has it for you.

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If you aren’t a fan of rolls then Sushi Do has alternatives. You can try their seaweed salad or their curry shrimp

“The students know it’s fresh,” says Yanadori. With the option to request, the sushi can be made to order right thenand there. The word “fresh” is even on the sign, right next to “healthy” and “delightful.”tempura which Sushi Do Supervisor Allen Yanadori says is one of the top-sellers.

Students chose the alternate adjectives from the sign, however, when describing their experiences at “Sushi Do.” Kelly Pierce ‘14 says, “The taste is not why [the sushi] is going off the shelf; it’s the propaganda of a healthy lifestyle.” As a frequent Stag customer, Pierce chose sushi for its health benefits, not for its taste.

When asked about his experience at Sushi Do, Dan Skuret ‘14 replied, “The woman working behind the counter was very delightful.” With no recognition of the sushi itself, it seems a pleasant ordering experience may be the best part about choosing Sushi Do.

The prices don’t seem like a big selling point either. Some packages are as high as $9.99, however, they do vary quite a bit. Some selections, like the California roll, are only $4.99; and the shrimp dumplings are only $3.99. Then compare this to the Stag’s deli where a roast beef wrap will cost you $5.79. Depending on what you choose decides how much you are going to spend.

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Aside from the food and the apparent good service, along with your meal you can also get chopsticks to complete the entire sushi-eating experience.

It seems like Sushi Do has some pros and cons. On the Sushi Do side, you have the potential to have a fairly cheap, healthy, pre-made meal with friendly service. On the Sushi Don’t side, you may have just paid quite a bit for a meal that won’t tickle your taste buds.

So it seems like Sushi Do is worth a try. And hey, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to do “the way of sushi” ever again.

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