Thanksgiving is swiftly approaching, and every year there is a debate about what the best Thanksgiving dish served at dinner is. I have a few personal favorites myself, such as the cranberry sauce and stuffing. However, I wanted to find out the favorite dishes of Fairfield students. I went around campus and asked a bunch of students, “What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish and why?” Here is what I found out. 

Starting with the centerpiece of the table, the main star of the holiday: the turkey. Out of the people I talked to, only one said their favorite dish was the turkey itself. 

Sophomore Sydney Sweeney told me that the reason she likes turkey is because “it is a classic.” I have to agree turkey is a classic, and very good with gravy. 

Now for the sides. Thanksgiving meals are famous for the multitude of sides that are prepared. From green beans to casseroles, and even the warm buttery rolls that come fresh out of the oven, there are never enough side dishes on the table. 

Sophomore Allie Defrancisco told me her favorite dish is cranberry relish. When I asked her why, she told me that “it tastes really good, and is special because I make it with my grandmother.” I had another student tell me that cranberry sauce is their favorite. It is one of mine as well.

Potatoes are a can’t miss for Thanksgiving. On every table, there is some variation of a potato dish. Sophomore Grace Lombardi told me about her favorite dish, sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top. She says “it’s the best of both worlds because it’s a classic Thanksgiving side dish that is like a dessert you can eat at dinner.” She likes to eat this with mac and cheese as well. I think I found the Stag favorite though. Out of all the people I talked to, nine of them told me that mashed potatoes are their favorite dish. I guess Fairfield students love their mashed potatoes! I can’t blame them though, they are delicious. 

Of course, I cannot forget about the classic: stuffing. Now you can be creative with stuffing. My mom makes a delicious cornbread stuffing. Sophomore Olivia Scott told me she likes stuffing because “it has a delicious savory flavor.” It is a staple Thanksgiving dish that has to be on the menu! Senior John Bartolomeo told me about his family’s carrot soufflé. He told me “it tastes very sweet like dessert, and it is like mashed potatoes.” 

Speaking of dessert, I cannot forget to talk about Stag’s favorite Thanksgiving desserts! With no surprise, a few people picked pumpkin pies and apple pies. Sophomore Nicole Eisenberg told me about her favorite dessert, however, which is pineapple bread pudding. She told me it is special to her because it is a family recipe, “it is the centerpiece of our meal.” I definitely want to try this special bread pudding. 

I loved hearing what Stags love to eat on Thanksgiving. I certainly am excited to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. I always look forward to the food and the company that surrounds me. I hope all of you Stags have a fantastic Thanksgiving filled with delicious food!

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