You might be surprised to hear that the popular and well-loved holiday of Galentine’s Day actually originated from the television show “Parks and Recreation.” Back in 2010, during the series’ second season, the fictional character Leslie Knope coined the term. The idea gained widespread traction and ever since people have spent the day before Valentine’s Day, Feb. 13, dedicating time to celebrating their female friendships. 

Since Leslie Knope celebrated the holiday at brunch with her girlfriends, what better way to honor the original creator than a brunch with your closest friends? This could be held at home or downtown at one of the numerous brunch spots. For a cozy at-home celebration, consider visiting Trader Joe’s to gather themed snacks. They have an extensive selection of heart-shaped desserts such as macarons, or raspberry mousse cakes. If you are feeling like adventuring off-campus, consider dining at The Chelsea in Fairfield or Terrain Cafe in Westport. 

While it might still be chilly, consider bundling up for a paint night at the beach. Head down to Jennings Beach with blankets and paint supplies for a creative Galentine’s celebration. Grab some snacks or takeout from a restaurant downtown to accompany your picnic and prepare for an artistic night with your best friends. 

 Fairfield boasts a wide variety of quaint boutiques and gift shops. For trendy clothing and accessories, head to Apricot Lane or Ciao Bella. Conveniently close to these two shops is the Fairfield Bookstore which includes a vast collection of the latest merch and current top-selling books. You also could stop by Stop & Shop to gather ingredients for Valentine’s Day-themed baking. If you are feeling ambitious you could make chocolate-covered strawberries. For a simpler but equally as delicious option, pick up some ready-to-bake cookie sheets. 

 While venturing off campus or heading to the beach may be exciting for some, if you want a more lowkey option for celebrating Galentine’s day, consider hosting a romcom marathon. Queue up your favorite streaming platform and make your selection. Some of my favorites are “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” “Sixteen Candles” and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.

 If you’re looking for a more engaging and exciting option, organize a game night. Grab some popcorn and pick your favorite games. If you want more of a bonding experience, try card games such as Let’s Get Deep. The game We’re Not Really Strangers also offers thought-provoking prompts that will encourage meaningful conversations. 

 If you happen to not have a Valentine this year, don’t fret because Galentine’s day is the perfect alternative that allows you to celebrate all of the friends who have supported you during this past year!

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