Viewers always need to see something with a little twist, something that makes one’s body shiver or has you saying “I did not see that coming.” If that’s you, then “The Perfect Guy” is the movie you definitely need to see. 

The plot of “The Perfect Guy,” written by Alan B. McElroy, revolves around a successful woman whose desire to settle down pushes her boyfriend away and sends her right into the arms of maniacal sociopath.

The main character Leah Vaughn, played by Sanaa Lathan, is tired of waiting for a proposal from Dave Young, played by Morris Chestnut, her boyfriend of two years who is very much afraid of commitment and insists on proposing when the time is right.

Two months after Leah calls it quit with Dave, she meets Carter Duncan, played by Michael Ealy, who appears to be the perfect guy, except that he is mentally disturbed, obsessed and violent.

The pair fall in love and everything is perfect until Carter’s true character comes rushing out, scaring Leah off.

For her safety, she decides to break things off with Carter and finds refuge in her ex, who realized that Leah was the one all along; but, Carter decides that if he cannot have her, no one else will.

Leah explores all resources within the law to get rid of her stalker, but her efforts fail desperately.

As she loses everything, she is forced to face this all by herself. 

The movie was well-paced, which allowed the audience to be part of the story instead of rushing through scenes.

Ealy did a phenomenal job taking on the role of Carter.

He is mostly known for the “gentleman” roles he plays, such as in the movie “About Last Night” where Ealy plays Danny, an everyday guy who falls in love with the girl of his dreams.

To see him play the role of a  villain was very refreshing.

This movie not only celebrates the actors’ unique talents, but starring a predominantly African American cast is a tremendous feat in the film industry as actors of color deserve to be recognized for their work.

The story is very educational, teaching young ladies to be patient and learn to see certain signs in men which could save their lives.

It also teaches us to approach life one step at a time, keeping in mind that not everything that shines is gold.

“The Perfect Guy” reached No. 1 in the box office and has received generally favorable reviews since its premiere, according to Deadline Hollywood. 

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