The 21st century has brought about a lot of changes in technology. These changes have had an enormous impact on the way we as humans tell and share narratives. In recent years, podcasts have emerged as a dynamic and influential medium, transforming the way we consume stories and engage in social discussions. When working on an essay, project or an article for The Mirror, I know that playing one of my playlists or listening to an engaging podcast can help me focus better. With spring on the horizon (as foretold by the groundhog) podcasts are also good to have when relaxing on the quad or taking a walk around campus! Here is a list of some of my podcast recommendations. 

The Broski Report

Skyrocketing to fame after her viral “Kombucha Girl” TikTok, Brittany Broski has shown the internet that she is so much more than a one-hit wonder. Fostering a community known to her fans as Broski Nation, Brittany has expanded her reach across all social media platforms. Creating a YouTube channel where she posts hilarious commentary videos, Broski has made her mark hosting her own pop culture show titled “Royal Court” where she posts monthly interviews with the internet’s most famous celebrities and has most recently started her own podcast known as “The Broski Report”, each of which I can not recommend enough. Acting as a sort of digital diary, this 60’s themed podcast is the perfect mix of pop culture, girl talk, and deep discussions on the state of the world. When listening to this podcast, it feels as though I am on Facetime with a friend! If you want to laugh so much that your face hurts, this is the perfect podcast for you!

The Basement Yard

Name a better duo than Joe Santagato and Frank Alvarez, I bet you can’t! From childhood best friends to podcast partners, The Basement Yard is an hour of hysterical banter. Discussing topics that range from aliens to whether or not a taco is a sandwich, this dynamic duo will have you laughing for hours on end. I know that I can’t scroll on TikTok without getting at least one of their clips on my for you page! Want to experience these goofballs in person? Well, you are in luck, they just announced a tour and could be coming to a city near you!

Very Really Good

On a similar note, Kurtis Conner’s “Very Really Good” directly reflects its title. Known for his six-second comedy shorts on Vine, Kurtis brought his talents over to YouTube where he now has over 4.9 million subscribers who watch his quick-witted commentary videos each month. Started in 2018, Conner’s podcast only further proves the strength of his funny bone as he sits in his 90’s themed room and discusses the most recent internet drama. His mustache and mullet combo are sure to leave you with a permanent smile on your face! 

Theo Von

Self-proclaimed comedian and life survivor, Theo Von’s “This Past Weekend” is a humorous journey into the mind of Theo himself. Providing a unique blend of wit, storytelling, and spontaneous derailments, each episode hosts a diverse range of hilarious guests as Theo explores their viewpoint on life. With a perfect dose of Southern charm, this podcast is a must-listen! 

The Mirror Show – To The Max

Now, one could argue that I am being biased, or that this show is not even technically a podcast, but I would counter that this radio show is one of the best to air on “WVOF” radio! Hosted weekly from 6 to 7 pm on Wednesday nights by our lovely editors, this show offers an hour of good vibes, good music, and good discussion about the most recent Mirror issue! If you are around, I highly recommend giving it a listen.

Now while my taste may be drastically different from yours, each of these podcasts provides the perfect mix of humor and meaningful discussion, and is definitely going to put a smile on your face! 

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