Premiering April 17, Theatre Fairfield is set to dazzle audiences with their production of “The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical,” a captivating spectacle that will transport audiences into the fantastical world of Greek mythology. 

This is a story of a thrilling journey following Percy Jackson (played by Zachary Cirillo ‘27), a demigod son of Poseidon, as he embarks on a quest to prevent a war among the gods by retrieving Zeus’s stolen lightning bolt. 

Director Sean F. Edgecomb was very enthusiastic about the show and said “Everyone sounds great … when it comes together it’s very exciting!”

Annabeth Chase, played by Katharine Gutkoski ‘26, is the female lead of this story and she is a fiercely intelligent and independent demigod. With her sharp wit and unwavering determination, Annabeth emerges as a pivotal ally to Percy Jackson on his quest. When asked how she relates to Annabeth, Gutkoski said, “I relate to her in a lot of ways…she takes care of the people around her and I very much do the same thing.” She expresses her enthusiasm for playing Annabeth and loves how she “stands up for what she believes in.” 

Grover Underwood, played by Anthony Lupercio ‘26, emerges as a lovable and loyal satyr companion to Percy Jackson, the demigod protagonist. With his endearing clumsiness and extreme dedication to his friends, Grover adds a wonderful charm to the stage, captivating audiences with his unique blend of humor and heart. Lupercio expresses his love for the character and says “getting cast as Grover was really perfect for where I’m at right now.” He admires how outgoing the character is and feels like he is portraying a version of himself. 

When asked about their favorite day of rehearsal, Lupercio and Edgecomb agreed that the sitzprobe, when the bands come in to rehearse for the first time with the singers, was their best memory. Lupercio said it felt nice to come together with the band as it felt like “the last piece we needed for our show.” Edgecomb agreed and thought “there was something quite magical about when the band came in for the first time.” 

Along with the actors and directors, the costume designer plays a crucial role in bringing the mythical world of  “The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical” to life. Julie Leavitt-Learson, the costume designer, exclaimed her fondness for working on something so unique as Percy Jackson. She explains that “this is one of the weirder shows I’ve ever designed.” When asked about her favorite costume to design, Leavitt-Learson said she “really loved the Medusa costume and Ms. D’s outfit.” 

As Theatre Fairfield’s upcoming production of “The Lightning Thief” musical draws near, anticipation mounts for an exciting experience filled with eager demi-gods, Greek mythology, and a whirlwind of fun! Come see “The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical” from April 17 through the 21.

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