With finals season quickly approaching, it’s a good time to figure out the best spots for you to get all your hours of essays, projects and studying done. The library quickly fills up during finals week, so good luck trying to book a room there or even manage to get a spot at any of the tables on any floor.. Don’t worry, though, the town of Fairfield houses so many great study spots for you to pick from!

Las Vetas 

Starting off with a fan favorite that you probably have heard of: Las Vetas. This coffee shop creates the ideal atmosphere for all kinds of paper-writing and project-doing. The music playing in the shop ranges from classic rock to typical coffee-shop to even holiday music during this time of the year. To ensure you can be your most productive self while visiting Las Vetas, make sure you get there early and scope out the seats near outlets (an absolute must during finals week). My favorite spots are either the two-seaters by the front windows or a table tucked in the back near the piano. When studying it is so important that you are able to fuel up and continue to refuel, so that your focus remains. Las Vetas ensures you can do just that with its wide variety of food and drinks! I typically get there early and will have the pancakes for breakfast along with a Nutella hot chocolate before I work for a few hours and return to the counter for a grilled cheese and iced coffee for lunch. Something that also makes studying here fun, is that when you order a hot drink during the winter months, you might even get some cute latte art like the fun Santa I got on my hot chocolate last year! Depending on the hours in which you study, you may have a different take than mine, but I am my most productive in the morning. Therefore, Las Vetas is favorable to me and all early-birds since they typically close around 2 p.m., but the shop usually open at 7 a.m.

Candlewood Market 

Nestled behind Local, you’ll find Candlewood Market, an until-recently hidden gem to me! I have frequented here a few times after class to get some work done. Behind all the retail they sell, you can find a plethora of tables to choose to sit at! Once again, I value access to outlets incredibly high on my list of priorities, so just beware that there are not too, too many seats near an outlet here. However, for a few hours of work, this is a great spot to be. There is a vast menu of food and drinks to choose from. I definitely recommend the Grilled Chicken Pesto sandwich for lunch — it is delicious! The music at Candlewood Market is just enough that you are still able to focus on your work while providing a nice background noise. I would definitely recommend going here for a midday-afternoon study since Candlewood Market closes at 7 p.m. during the week and 6 p.m. on weekends. 


A slightly newer addition to my coffee-shop-study-spot rotation includes Wake-Cup-Coffee. They are not lying with the name, so if you need to get A LOT of work done, GO HERE! Their coffee will most certainly wake you up. It might make you so awake that you don’t sleep for the next three days, but hey! You could definitely get a huge bulk of studying out of the way during that time! The food there is amazing, and I have to recommend you don’t start studying or writing any papers until trying their Avalanche Chocolate Croissant, which is to die for. Definitely get a spot in the back of the shop near the couch if you try this place out! 

Hopefully you will try out one of these places during finals week, Stags. Good luck during finals week!

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