Thanksgiving is coming up, and, although every family does Thanksgiving a bit differently, if you’re helping out with cooking this year, it’s good to have some basic knowledge up your sleeve. It’s probably unlikely the chef in your family will allow you to try new techniques on the turkey, but if you get the chance to help out with the stuffing, here’s a few key things to try to make this Thanksgiving your best yet.

Try a country style loaf

    My mom loves to use the standard bagged white bread to make her stuffing, and her stuffing is fantastic. However, I can’t help but think about how a crusty country loaf could turn a standard stuffing into a culinary masterpiece. As stuffing is technically just seasoned and cooked bread, using a quality artisan loaf is guaranteed to give it a more refined depth of flavor. Plus, seeing the torn pieces of a nice loaf in your final creation is more aesthetically interesting, too.

Use fresh herbs

    It’s the easiest way to level up your Thanksgiving game: fresh herbs. I’m not here to tell you that you absolutely have to use a certain herb in your dish for it to taste great as there’s probably a million ways to spice up a good stuffing. No matter if you throw in some rosemary, thyme or parsley, it should definitely be fresh. There’s something so high-class about the look and taste of bright green, fresh herbs in a dish. It adds a good amount of body and freshness to the flavor, and

Don’t actually stuff it

This is absolutely key. Despite what the name suggests, the best way to cook stuffing actually isn’t stuffed inside a bird. By cooking stuffing inside the turkey, you’re missing out on how crisp the top of the bread gets when cooked in a pan in the oven. Cooking stuffing outside the turkey gives the dish more variety in texture. And you can fit so much more of it outside the turkey, so there’s more to go around!


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