Walking into Trader Joe’s, I was immediately greeted by the welcoming fall atmosphere. From the pumpkins sprawled across the store to the autumnal colors adorning each and every sign, it was clear that the autumn season is upon us. One of the best parts of Trader Joe’s is their unique and delicious seasonal items, which is why I just had to give their fall specialties a try! 

Pumpkin Bread (Mix) – $2.99

One of the best parts and most indicative signs of autumn’s arrival is the influx of pumpkin-flavored items across every grocery store shelf. One of my favorite Trader Joe’s fall goods is the pumpkin bread mix. The best part of the bread is how simple it is to make. I can already tell my mom and grandmother will roll their eyes at me for baking from a box, but I’m a college student with limited time and the pumpkin bread is pretty good! I love how simple it is to make with minimal directions and extra ingredients needed. I added chocolate chunks to mine to make it a little sweeter, and I 100% recommend doing that if you try it (which you totally should). 

Overall, I have to give the bread a 9/10.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookie Mix – $4.79

The Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookie Mix immediately caught my attention, as I thought this was going to be the best item of the bunch. Unfortunately, I have never been more wrong. It was absolutely terrible. Nothing about this was good. I am not sure who product tested this, but they might want to test it again because I am sure they didn’t mean to put something so terrible on the shelves. I knew it was going to be bad when I opened the container and it smelt more like a Bath & Body Works candle rather than a cookie mix. This mix makes me understand where my mom comes from when she wants me to bake from scratch. Sometimes easier is not better. 

For the inedible nature of the cookies, I have to give them a 0/10. 

Caramel Sea Salt Baking Chips – $2.99

The Caramel Sea Salt Baking Chips speak directly to something that I love, caramel and sea salt. The way that the sea salt flakes enhance and compliment the flavor of the caramel chips is unmatched, and, in my opinion, is one of the best flavor pairings out there. 

I have nothing bad to say about these, but I am not sure how much I would actually reach for them while baking so they get a 4/10. 

Fall Leaf Tortilla Chips – $3.49

When I saw these fall-shaped chips, I immediately threw them into my cart. I was SO excited because I thought they were “fall” flavored. Much to my dismay, Brooke Lathe (Copy/Vine Editor and my best friend), pointed out that these were just chips – absolutely no fun fall flavors. Nevertheless, I still purchased them. These leaf-shaped chips have an impeccable crunch and are perfectly curved to ensure you get a great scoop of your favorite dip.   

When it comes down to it, these are just really awesomely shaped chips. 7/10

Pumpkin Blondies – $4.49

I love a good blondie, so I was especially eager to try out the Pumpkin Blondies. The flavor was great, but it was almost too sweet – an absolutely unheard-of concept for me considering I have such a big sweet tooth. This is the kind of dessert that you can only have one of, and eventually my excitement over a fall-flavored blondie wore away. 

The blondies rank as a 6/10 in my book. 

Pumpkin Spice Espresso Beans – .99

Not for me. That’s all I’ll say. 2/10.

Fall Harvest Salsa – $3.49

I LIVE for a chips and salsa moment, and I LOVE fall veggies. Seeing that Trader Joe’s sold a salsa made with fall veggies and fruits like butternut squash, pumpkin and apple, I knew this would be good. I was not disappointed. The star of this haul was definitely the salsa. It was the right amount of smokey and spicy all while being able to pick up on the added fall flavors. 

I give them a 10/10.

Pumpkin Brioche Loaf – $4.49

I was really rooting for this one. On paper, it sounds perfect. However, I was not impressed. The brioche lacked flavor and left me puzzled because of the high hopes I had for it. I even made a spread to put on it with cinnamon and nutmeg, two classic fall spices, but that didn’t do much. The brioche loaf was a major letdown for those reasons. Maybe I just didn’t give the brioche enough of a chance, and I should have made it into french toast. But I don’t think I will be purchasing again. 

3/10 is how I would rate this one.

There is no better way to ring in the fall season than with some of these fall favorites from Trader Joe’s. Stop by and try them out for yourself!

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