Hello, Stags! Today we are going to talk about several ways to increase overall kindness and morale throughout Fairfield University. Generally, Fairfield students are very courteous of their classmates and professors, but here are just a few ways that could help make a difference in someone else’s day. 

Holding the Door 

Holding the door for the person behind you is one of the easiest ways to spread an act of kindness. If someone behind you seems to be carrying a lot and will have trouble opening the door for themselves, especially, this can be one way to make a person’s day. Earlier today I was carrying quite a lot into the business school and was far away from the door. The person in front of me waited for me and held the door for me, which I thought was incredibly nice. 

Reach Out to Mutual Friends and Acquaintances 

If you are a freshman or sophomore, you should still have meal swipes in the Daniel and Grace Tully Dining Commons since you do not have access to your own kitchen. An easy way to not only make more friends but to become closer with people you normally would not be is to reach out to people from your classes and ask to go to the Tully or the Stag together. My freshman year, I reached out to a girl in my Calculus course about going and getting coffee after our class, and she ended up being my direct roommate sophomore and junior year of college. You could make someone’s day by sending a simple text message!

Compliment the Person Sitting Next to You 

Another great way to spread an act of kindness is to compliment the person sitting next to you in one of your classes, especially if you do not talk to them that often. Or, better yet, be kind to a random person walking by or standing nearby! These comments can range from their outfit, hair, makeup, smile – truly anything. Having a little compliment like that can really go a long way, and it helps to spread positivity. 

Reach Out to Your Home Friends 

Lastly, while this is not at Fairfield University, as you are away at college, sometimes you forget to check in on your people at home. Send a quick text in your group chat with your friends from home and ask them how they are all doing, or tell them that you are thinking about them. If one of them had a bad week and you didn’t really know about it, this will make all of the difference. 

There are so many other great ways to spread an act of kindness at Fairfield University, but these are the easiest to do on the go. Go out and practice those acts of kindness!


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