In all honesty, hair is what makes or breaks our outfit for the day. 

Personally, when my hair looks the best, I feel the most confident about myself.

As winter is finally coming to an end, it is time to take off our beanies and show off the beautiful hair we have, without the use of any hot tools.

My first and favorite hairstyle for the spring is a slicked-back pony. 

The slick back pony can be styled as a high or low ponytail and is perfect for a clean, simple and comfy look to wear to class. 

If your hair is too frizzy on the ends and you cannot achieve that silky ponytail look, you could also transform your slicked-back pony into a slicked-back bun or braid, which looks just as stylish. 

These slicked-back options happen to be my favorite, as they allow me to not be distracted by my hair throughout the day. 

All you have to do to achieve this hairstyle is simply dampen your hair, apply some of your favorite gel and use a bristle and edge control brush to achieve that clean, slicked-back look. 

When done correctly, all three of these hairstyles will last you the entire day. 

Some affordable products I use to achieve this “slicked-back” look are the following: 

  • Eco Style Professional Styling Gel Krystal ($5.70 on Amazon)
  • 3 Pcs Slick Back Hair Brush Set Bristle Hair Brush Edge Control Brush Teasing Comb ($7.49 on Amazon)
  • Nexxus Maximum Hold Finishing Hair Spray ($15.98 on Amazon)
  • Bed Head by TIGI Hair Wax Stick For Cool People ($18.49 on Amazon)
  • IGK GOOD BEHAVIOR Spirulina Protein Smoothing Spray ($34.00 on Amazon)

Another one of my favorite hairstyles is simply just leaving your hair natural. Some individuals like me that have curly or wavy hair that constantly frizzes, know that this can be difficult.

However, with the right products, you can achieve that wavy, beachy look that you desire. 

It is very important to try and leave your hair natural in the spring, as the winter can cause your hair to be extremely dry. 

So, when spring comes around, it is a good idea to leave your hair natural as much as possible to gain some strength back so it looks its healthiest in the summer. 

To hide some heat damage, you can always add some braids in the front, to hide the pieces in front that usually get the most damaged from hot tools. 

Another way to style your hair naturally is with one of your favorite headbands, which allows the hair to stay away from your face and stay put together. 

Some products I would recommend when leaving your hair natural are the following: 

Some headbands that I would recommend are the following: 

  • Cosmos Stretchy Cotton Yoga Sport Headband ($6.49 on Amazon)
  • DRESHOW 10 Pack Boho Headbands for Women Vintage Cross Elastic Head Wrap Hair Accessories ($12.99 on Amazon)
  • YONUF Boho Headbands For Women Fashion Wide Headband Yoga Workout Head Bands Hair Accessories Band 6 Pack ($9.99 on Amazon)

The final hairstyle I would recommend is a simple braid. 

Some more creative braids include a “fishtail” braid, a french braid, a dutch braid, etc. 

Each of these three braids will allow you to keep your hair pulled back from your face, in a creative manner.

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