Ah, winter break … I’m sure many of us are missing it now that the semester is starting to ramp up again. So let’s reminisce for a minute and learn about what some of our fellow Stags got up to!

Skiing was a popular winter activity many indulged in over the break. Junior Tug Senesac skied Mount Snow in Vermont, but also read romantic poetry. First-year Ben McKeon went skiing too, but he also went rock climbing—indoors, of course. Additionally, he saw his brothers whom he hadn’t seen for a long time. First-year Zachary Siwiec also skied, and states that he “went skiing every weekend at Holiday Valley,” a ski resort outside of Buffalo, NY. Siwiec also worked out with his high school crew team over break. 

First-year Cara Kochakian’s break consisted of the many softball practices and workouts she had to stay on top of. But she adds that “it kept [her] active and busy over break.” Additionally, she got her wisdom teeth removed which she states “wasn’t much fun,” but now that it’s over, she’s happy to be back. 

Others traveled, some back home and others on vacation. Sophomore Jennifer Fajardo went to Colombia with her family for winter break, where she “had such an amazing time with [her] cousins!” She also got to see her favorite artist, Maluma, in concert. Junior Thomas Drillien went back home to Auckland, New Zealand. There he went on a golf trip with his family and caught up with friends. Sophomore Nohea Breeden went home to O’ahu, Hawaii and boogie boarded, went to the beach every day and ate lots of Yakiniku (cook your own meat). Junior Jackie Campbell went to Bath, England, but couldn’t even take a bath—she was disappointed. She had tea in the Pump Room and went to the Cotswolds and had a tour guide who used to drive for Jay-Z and Beyoncé. 

Others traveled more locally, as senior Ashley Shutt visited her friend’s house at the University of Rhode Island and did nothing but eat buffalo chicken dip and watch the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy … oh, and drink champagne for six hours a day. Junior Kelly Keating went on a food tour in Greenwich Village, N.Y. She claims that the best thing she ate was a rice ball. She promised it looked and tasted better than it sounds. Senior Alejandro Serrano also took trips to New York, where he hung out with friends and enjoyed exploring the city. When not in the city, he spent time with his grandma who traveled from Mexico. 

Graduate student in the school counseling program Janae Staltaro took her cousin to The Hip-Hop Nutcracker at the Shubert Theatre in New Haven, Conn. She gives it a 10/10. She also worked as a substitute a lot—like a lot. 

Some Stags went on trips, others partook in winter sports and many worked. While I’m sure we’re happy to be back, summer break can’t come quickly enough!

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