If you were wondering, Nonna’s Meatball Pizza is in fact grandma’s secret recipe and yes, for owners Clara and Paolo Cavalli, their mother’s secret is worth keeping.pizza

Seared over a wood-burned fire in the scorching flames of a massive brick oven, the charcoal crusted soft dough margherita pizza is layered with tangy tomato sauce and thick slices of creamy mozzarella, perfected with the rich flavor of fluffy brown meatballs. Nonna’s Meatball Pizza has become a fan favorite of Jose, a Brick + Wood veteran waiter.  “It is exactly what you would find on the streets of Napoli,” he raved. The hand-tossed dough is formed by Caputo pizza flour, a gluten-free, double zero organic wheat concentration imported directly from Italy.

And you would be missing out on another delicacy that Brick + Wood is famous for if you only order pizza; the Burrata, an Italian cheese made from cream and mozzarella.The prosciutto of the Truffle Burrata is so soft and chewy; it is as if they had cured it just for you earlier that day. It is topped with the peppery flavor of arugula and in the center comes the best of all: a homemade mozzarella ball filled with fresh cream and truffle oil. Brick + Wood offers eight different Burratas, so be sure to order one (or two) as an appetizer or you will be missing out on something special.

The Neapolitan style pizza hub is hidden within the Brick Walk Plaza, right off of Post Road. On your left as you pull in the sign may be a little difficult to find and the location may look small from outside. However, upon arrival the first thing you will notice is a brightly colored warm atmosphere with happy patrons sitting at a private bar off to the left enjoying a wide variety of specialty beverages, like the White Peach Sangria or a glass of domestic or imported wine. To the right, an inviting wait staff is ready to usher you to your table. Owner Cara Cavalli could not stress the importance of providing great customer service. “Our customers come first to us and we want them to enjoy their food, while getting a little taste of Italian heritage,” Cavalli said. “Our tagline sums it up, love life and pizza, we live and breath food.”

Brick + Wood’s customer service speaks for itself. The staff is devoted to catering to the customer and exudes hospitality. Jose, our waiter for the evening, added to the sentiment, stating, “First and foremost, let me tell you about the bosses. I have been in the restaurant industry for a long time and the most important aspect to running a well functioning operation is great management. And these bosses aren’t bosses, they are family. That is what the Brick + Wood staff is: a family.”

On Halloween night in 2014, the Cavalli’s opened their third Italian restaurant. Their first two, under the name Cavalli Pizza, opened eight years ago in Dallas, Texas. Brick + Wood, having only been in the restaurant business on Post Road for two years, has rightly earned the title of “Best New Restaurant in Fairfield” in 2015. They also had their kitchen certified by the Association Pizzioli Neapolitan, a governing body in Naples, Italy that came to approve their style of pizza. The family is planning to open their third establishment in Dallas later this year.

Without a doubt, their pizza is by far the best pizza that I have had on Post Road, not to mention the best Burrata too. Brick + Wood deserves a 4.5 out of 5 star rating both for their excellent food and for their wonderful customer service. Do yourself a favor and get some real pizza at Brick + Wood.

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