The SouthWestern wrap from Pronto Chop Shop and Pizzeria.

The SouthWestern wrap from Pronto Chop Shop and Pizzeria. Karina Bautista/The Mirror

When you have an empty stomach and a full ‘to-do’ list, finding the right place to eat is crucial. Looking for great food, great prices and a great place to eat is important for a college student as they are preparing for a long night in the library.

Pronto Chop Shop & Pizzeria, located on Brick Walk, 1241 Post Road, Fairfield, Conn., is a small, family-run business that works to provide a variety of delicious meals in a place where all are welcome. From soups, salads and wraps, to all kinds of delicious pizzas, Pronto is sure to cater to a college student’s needs.

Despite the hot-spot having limited seating, when you do grab a seat, the food is kindly brought to you by the owner. Upon entering the restaurant, the pleasant atmosphere and friendly employees allow you to feel comfortable and never rushed.

More so, since we are on a tight budget, a perk at Pronto is the 10 percent student discount with each meal if you respond “yes” when they ask if you are a student. Between the affordable prices and the opportunity to indulge in a thin crust pizza or choose a different route with a salad or wrap, what else could a college student want? After spending $8.99 on the Classic Cobb salad, a fan favorite, or $12.99 on a Shrimp Casino Pizza, a seafood lover’s dream, not only is your stomach happy, but so is your wallet.

Junior Virginia Galante believes that “the Shrimp Casino Pizza is the best pizza in town.” The pizza consists of clams or grilled shrimp, marinara, bell peppers, onion, garlic, bacon, mozzarella and fresh basil. Galante continued, “Each ingredient works well together, making for a delicious personal pie.”

Some of the best items on the menu differ from customer to customer, but a favorite for many is the SouthWestern wrap. The wrap consists of romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, avocado, tomato, corn and black bean salsa, pepper jack cheese and chipotle ranch dressing. Can you say to die for?

The SouthWestern wrap or salad caters to every craving that a college student could possibly desire. The mix of avocado, corn and black bean salsa makes your mouth water. The lean grilled chicken mixed in with the chipotle ranch dressing adds to the hint of spice that we know we all want.

Senior Meghan Richer agreed, saying, “Not only is the food great, but the people are kind. I go to Pronto for the food and the people … you don’t find that often.”

After having several great experiences, Pronto Chop Shop & Pizzeria gets an easy five stars. Feeling not only full, but fully satisfied will make all students go back for more.

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