WVOF Top 10

  1. Temple — Tonight Alive

The Aussie rock band Tonight Alive is back in full swing with their new album “Underworld.” The band took back their identity after releasing their mellow album “Limitless” in 2016 with the catchy rock anthem of their first single, “Temple.” You will have the song on repeat until you know every lyric.

  1. Finish What We Started — Anti Flag

The American punk rock band Anti Flag have just released their music video for “Finish What We Started” from their latest record “American Fall.” The music video is politically charged with classic punk sentiments of questioning society and the government.

  1. Last of the Real Ones — Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy’s highly anticipated album “M A N I A” has just been released this month, which has fans globally rocking the color purple. “Last of the Real Ones” is one of the many songs on the album that has us bopping our heads for more.

  1. Fake Happy — Paramore

The newest single off of Paramore’s “After Laughter” is “Fake Happy.” Following the themes of the album, the song has the depressing lyrics that connect with Paramore’s audience while hiding behind upbeat music. The album is not only dance-y, but in ways, therapeutic.

  1. Live Outside — Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari’s new album “The Spark” has taken the world by storm. “Live Outside” was the first single released off the bands album with a very “Black Mirror”- esque music video. The British band hit the nail on the head with yet another album to spread messages beyond the music they write. Catch them on the road now on their American tour.

  1. Warm Hand Splash — Tiny Moving Parts

The math rock band Tiny Moving Parts released their newest single “Warm Hand Splash” off their new album “Swell.” The band is about to kick off the release of their album by hitting the road with Oso Oso and Mom Jeans. Definitely the song to play if you want to play to your friends if you’re feeling particularly hipster.

  1. Buttercup — Hippo Campus

You may remember from WVOF’s ticket giveaway last year, but Hippo Campus is back with a new animated video for their single “Buttercup.” The single comes from the band’s debut album “Landmark.” The song has the perfect indie rock vibes for midnight drives on isolated highways.

  1. Dweeb — Teenage Wrist

Teenage Wrist are an up and coming rock band set to release their new album, “Chrome Neon Jesus,” on March 9 with Epitaph Records. Once you get past the somewhat creepy opening on the song, the tone of the song shows great potential for a band that we look forward to watching grow.

  1. My Friends — BOHNES

The new acoustic music video for “My Friends” was just released by BOHNES. The video has a cool looking shot under an abandoned plane in the middle of a field. The song is reminiscent of Sleeping with Sirens’ “Roger Rabbit.”

  1. Secrets — State Champs

In honor of the anticipation of State Champs release of new music this year, we added their classic song “Secrets” to our playlist. Can’t wait to see what you pop-punkers come up with next.


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