Out with the old, and in with the new; Fairfield athletics new mobile “meals-on-wheels” is a new addition to outdoor sporting events.

According to Jay Degioia ‘80, director of Stags Hospitality, at the beginning of the soccer season, a new food truck dubbed “The Stag Shack,” and named with the help of student participation via social media, rolled over to Lessing Field and set up shop. 

While the portable dining location is currently open for all soccer games, it will also travel over to the brand-new Leo D. Mahoney Arena for game days, in addition to the arena’s three indoor concession stands and two temporary “pop-up” stands. The truck may also ride over to other on and off-campus locations in the case of any events. 

Currently, The Stag Shack opens its blinds an hour before every soccer game and shuts down its stoves late into the game’s second half. 

In just the short weeks of its use so far, Degioia explains that The Stag Shack “[is] meeting the needs of our campus community.” 

Overall, the truck has received “really positive feedback and we have noticed many repeat fans coming back game after game.” 

Degioia additionally notes that “as we often do, we will continue to work with the student dining committee on future menus and offerings.”

The current menu proves to be the standard sporting grub, as it’s listed meals, which range from $4-$6, include items such as chicken tenders, all-beef hot dogs, all-beef chili cheese hot dogs, cheeseburgers and black bean burgers with the option to include fries and a drink for an additional $4. 

Other items consist of jumbo pretzels with cheese, chili cheese french fries, popcorn and candy, which all range between the pricing of $3-$6. In addition to soda and water, the Stag Shack offers a variety of alcoholic beverages, such as beer and seltzers for 21+ attendees. 

“We also offer meal exchange[s] during the games so students on meal plans can enjoy The Stag Shack experience even if they don’t attend the game,” Degioia said. 

Meal plans allow the choice of one of the following selection of chicken tenders, an all-beef hot dog, cheeseburger or a black bean burger with one of the following beverages: Sprite, Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, lemonade, Powerade or Dasani water. In addition to the meal exchange option, The Stag Shack accepts Stag Bucks, Dining Dollars, credit cards, cash and Prep PAC funds. 

With the new inclusion of modern services like the food truck, Degioia notes that it is important “the food trucks not only provide great service, but flexibility given their mobility.”

Furthermore, campus dining will “continue to work with students and staff to increase the variety and flexibility of our community experience” and looks forward to “a larger food trailer and mobile kitchen coming to campus soon!”

While most current workers consist of our Stags Hospitality staff, they encourage and welcome students to join their food services team as The Stag Shack and the new Mahoney Arena provide opportunities for on-campus jobs. 

“We would welcome the opportunity to work with student groups to staff and operate, and post all student positions on Indeed and Handshake,” offers Degioia.

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