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Know The Truth About Harry Quebert

This recently published literary thriller, the author’s first novel, became an instant international bestseller. Presented as a book within a book, it echoes Stieg Larsson’s “Millennium” series,...

Author Talk: Susan Kietzman

The inspiration for this book came out of conversations with friends and acquaintances, especially those who were home with children. Some will think it’s autobiographical because I’ve been married for 28 years and have three children I stayed home to raise.

Book Look: ‘A Changing Marriage’

For college kids like us caught up in hookups and one-night stands, marriage probably isn’t something at the forefront of our minds. This predictable, though true to life, book may either bore you to tears or open your eyes to how your choices now have the power to affect your future happiness.

Book Look: The Weirdness

Get ready to go on a wild ride through the streets of Chelsea in New York City in “The Weirdness,” a debut novel by Jeremy P. Bushnell. Join Billy Ridgeway, a 30-ish, regular guy whose inadequate life consists of working at a Greek deli, smoking weed and writing short stories, until a strange apparition appears in his living room, and he continues to meet one bizarre character after another.