Occasionally, I will walk the halls of buildings on campus and see flyers for various guest speakers. These flyers intrigue me especially if the guest speaker is in a career field that I want to enter. 

These guest speakers can be very helpful and even entertaining, but I feel that Fairfield doesn’t advertise them enough.

To be completely honest, most of the guest speaker events I attended were for an extra credit assignment for my class. Though, that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy myself. 

Guest speakers are very underrated for their advice and wisdom but also for the connections they can give students.

Students can go up to a guest speaker after their lecture and personally ask them questions or for advice that could really help them with their future career goals. 

When looking on the Fairfield University website for lectures and events, all of the events are geared toward the Dolan School of Business. However, I know of many events and lecturers being hosted by other departments on campus. Where is their recognition? 

I personally am an English major in the College of Arts and Sciences and we rarely get notified of any events or lectures happening within our school. Of course, this could be for numerous reasons but the information should be more circulated because I know people would love to attend.

Personally, with the few guest speaker lectures I have attended, I have had a great time. I love to hear people with vast experience talk about their work and their passions! Not only are guest speakers a way for people who already know what they want to do in life but for people who are exploring what they want to study.

Guest speakers can offer a variety of resources and connections to Fairfield students past and present.

As someone who is in the College of Arts and Sciences, I would love for the school and the faculty to have a more active role in promoting these guest speakers, if we have them. A lot of the time these events may not be packed because of the lack of word around campus. 

There are also many guest speakers who can relate and connect to many different students across the many different schools at Fairfield. This would allow for more students from different disciples to come together and bond over someone or something they are really interested in.

I understand that this can be hard, especially with funding and even finding people willing to come, but this is what schools are for. Schools are for giving resources, guides, experiences and connections to their students. 

This is something that I am very passionate about because personally, I love to have inside input from someone who has worked a career path for a while. Especially if it is something I am interested in.

Even Professors from Fairfield who have lots of background in their specific discipline would be an interesting lecture and would be beneficial to so many students!

Guest speakers are a way for students to get involved with their interests and futures and that is something a University should strive to do and advertise more of. 

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