Fairfield Favorites: What not to miss this year

President’s Ball: The President’s Ball is going to be one of your first events on campus. You and all your new  friends will get dressed up, venture to the Bellarmine Lawn and take pictures with the University’s president, Fr. Jeffrey

Fairfield Foodie: Best bets off campus

colony grill

The Fairfield campus has a lot of great dining options, but let’s be honest: Eating at Barone day in and day out can get a little monotonous. When you find yourself stuck in that daily pasta-and-salad rut, you might be

Told by Dre: Back to School Basics

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Hey 2018! Starting college means having a new chance to entirely reinvent yourself, and what better way to reinvent yourself than to start your own style metamorphosis? With the right basics, you have the proper canvas to show your fellow

Dollars and Sense: how to save your wallet in college

money sign

As an incoming freshman, you get a chance to practice managing your finances. We all have been in your position before and there is no better feeling than when a family member hands you a nice amount of cash before

Why ‘Obvious Child’ is the most important film you’ll see this summer

Obvious Child, Sundance Film Festival 2014

You might know Jenny Slate for her short-lived Saturday Night Live career, or perhaps as the voice of a tiny mollusk named Marcel in the viral YouTube video, “Marcel the Shell with Shoes on,” though it is her leading role

Soul and Spirit: Exquisite glass on display at Bellarmine Museum

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On the island of Murano in northern Italy, master glassmaker Giampaolo Seguso was born into a legacy family with more than 600 years of glassmaking experience. Seguso trained under his father, Archimede, working for him for almost 30 years until