Nutrition 101: What should I be drinking?

The simple answer to this question, which you probably already know, is water. Water is the healthiest drink of choice and is vital to your body. About 60 percent of your body is made up of water; therefore, it is

Bob Dylan:’The Bootleg Series Vol. 11: The Basement Tapes Raw’

Bob Dylan and The Band – “The Bootleg Series Vol. 11: The Basement Tapes Raw” As part of his Bootleg series, Bob Dylan will be releasing a reissue of The Band’s famous “Basement Tapes,” spanning over two hours of material,

WVOF: The mystery of ‘TYR’ radio

November DJ of the Month: Zoe Ferranti ‘17 Show: “TYR” Time: Monday at 10 a.m. on the FM stream “TYR” is a refreshing mix of talk radio and alternative rock/indie pop hosted by Zoe Ferranti ‘17. She has quirky, exciting

‘Interstellar’ creates wonderment and fear of space

If you’ve been online in the last few days or even keeping an ear out as people pass you by on campus, you have probably heard about Christopher Nolan’s latest film “Interstellar.” This film tells the story of Cooper, played

‘Nostalgia For The Present’ engages cultural difference

Dr. David Crawford, professor of sociology, anthropology and international studies at Fairfield, gave a talk on Wednesday evening at the Fairfield University Downtown Bookstore discussing his newest book, “Nostalgia for the Present: Ethnography and Photography in a Moroccan Berber Village.”

Let Dre Dress You


Hi, Stags! Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Whether you’re excited to go home and bar hop with your high school friends, or dreading grandma’s 400 questions about why you’re still single, it’s sure to be a well-deserved break for