Given that spin classes are upwards of $30, they have always been something that I treat myself to. Spin classes seriously provide the best of both worlds when it comes to working out, with intense cardio paired with neon lights and bumping music. What’s better than that? When I heard R1DE, a new cycling spot in Fairfield was offering a free first week, I knew I had to try it out! R1DE just moved into the Fairfield Sportsplex in the same space that Cyclebar once was. The neat spin room features 44 bikes, all equipped with clips for spin shoes. The instructor sits up front to lead the class while the class faces the instructor and a wall of mirrors. R1DE offers a variety of classes…

ONE R1DE: 45 minutes of rhythm-based riding to a custom-made, high-energy music playlist with high-level coaching. This ride will include choreography, intervals of gear and speed, and upper body work with weights”

HIIT 1T: “45 minutes focused on strength and improving recovery time using resistance and high intensity interval training. Some choreography will still be incorporated into class but there will be more focus on interval training both high and low speeds. Weights will also be incorporated to train upper body for a portion of the class. This type of class will make you stronger and improve endurance for our signature ONE R1DE.

QUICK CL1P: “A slightly shortened version of our signature ride, perfect for fitting in your ride no matter what your schedule looks like that day. A similar structure to our ONE R1DE with choreography, gear and speed work. Weights may or may not be omitted to maximize your ride time. You will feel like you got the full workout in 30 minutes!

S1XTY: “An extended 60-minute version of our signature ONE R1DE. A similar structure includes choreography, gear and speed work, and incorporating weights for upper body work. A longer class perfect for anyone looking to push past their limits and break a serious sweat.

I’ve tried the ONE R1DE (with Abby Hayes) and the HIIT 1T (with Liv Ricco)  ride, both I found to be extremely exhilarating and sweaty, sweaty, SWEATY! I tried HIIT 1T with Liv first, the online description represents the class perfectly. While we did do some choreography, we focused mostly on strength by doing arms twice in the class, training in intervals while also still riding to the beat. It was so much fun and felt amazing to sweat out all the Uber Eats and alcohol I had the night before! ONE R1DE was even sweatier than HIIT 1T, the instructor Abby absolutely killed me yesterday! Her ride held lots of choreography, while also sprinting to the beat. We did arms to one song and then rode to the beat of the rest. I definitely enjoyed it even though I left with a tomato face. It’s always important to find workouts that you enjoy and feel happy about doing. I would absolutely suggest R1DE to anyone who wants to go! Now that the free week is over (I’m sorry) classes are $30. But worth it!

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