Inkwell Spotlight: Maybe

Maybe God gave me purpose, maybe he caused this pain Am I wrong for being angry? everytime I move forward– something knocks me down again, life is a journey, no one said it would be...

A Blink in a Moment

Eyes closed, heart open, Breathe and then take it all in. Feel the wind’s swift blow. Hands calm, mind moving, Stop and bask in the beauty. Let the grass grow tall. Back straight, legs...


Her brief history Mistress of Herself Toward the company of others Her lovely bones Captivated by you In cold blood Troublemaker A death Of Fool...
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The Run-On:You are now watching MAAC-TV

I have in my possession the one single phrase that will alter your life for eternity and possibly beyond... The MAAC television network. Believe it or not, for the past 10 years the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference along with its partner HOST Communications, has been broadcasting men and women's basketball games on the MSG network and ESPN regional stations.
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Letter to the Editor: Choosing Teacher of the Year Award

To the Editor: I am an alumna of Fairfield and a member of Alpha Sigma Nu who continues to read The Mirror. I write to voice my strong objections to Fr. von Arx's change to the Alpha Sigma Nu Teacher of the Year Award reserving the final decision of who receives the award for the president.
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They can’t agree, but they can debate…sort of

by Ryan T. Blair Even a self-diagnosed political junkie such as myself got tired of the exploits of the democrats and republicans following the fall elections. For the past few months, the thought of politics was comparable to the smell of stale beer after a night of heavy drinking: in a word, sickening.
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Letter to the Editor: Plugging Fairfield to the troops

To the Editor: I believe it is important, especially as college students, for us to recognize the men and women who so bravely serve in the armed forces of the United States. They give their lives so that we can live in freedom every day. I am upset though, at the way I feel the university has used these men and women's dedication as an opportunity for advertising and promotion.