FUSA is making history on Friday, April 19 as our annual spring concert is set to take place in Leo D. Mahoney Arena for the first time since its major renovation. 2 Chainz featuring Kaliii will headline the night while student artists, Stingray and DJ Tristan, open.

I’m known for not loving change, so when I found out the concert would no longer be held at the Hartford Amphitheater in Bridgeport like the past two years, I was partly saddened. It was all I’d known! Now, however, I feel so lucky to be a part of the class that gets to experience a concert in the arena for the first time.

All tickets last year were sold at $55 whereas current 2024 seat tickets in the arena are $55 and pit tickets are $65. Every ticket in previous years ensured both pit tickets for all students and transportation to and from the venue. 

It’s definitely great that this year students are given the option of what seating assignment they would prefer. As someone who will always pick the pit, I recognize that seats would most likely bring in more students as they would feel more comfortable throughout the night so I applaud the new addition.

While I was initially expecting a cheaper price than last year, I quickly understood that the pricing was the same or $10 extra in the case that the student wanted to buy a pit seat, because two big-named artists and two openers are getting paid to come specifically to our campus for only Fairfield students. 

Additionally, it’s also super convenient to have the concert on campus as it allows students not only more time to get ready but also a safer and easier experience. It was always a hassle when trying to get back to campus as the flood of students and other attendees of the concert would pack the parking lot. Both years people left the artist’s set early to ensure an earlier spot on the way home and sometimes would still be left to wait another 30 minutes to an hour. While there were a small number of Uber vouchers available, they were hard to attain or would take the same amount of time as the buses took to return to the venue. 

Another great thing about having it at the arena is there will be alcohol and drinks served. I was nervous before tickets went on sale that drinks would not be offered like at the Joe Gatto comedy show on Dec. 2, 2023, since I believe that would’ve encouraged binge drinking. However, I’m glad they have officially announced that the rule has changed. Having alcohol sold on campus allows for dual identification (with student Stag Card and state ID) as well which means the university doesn’t have to worry about accidentally selling alcohol to minors like the Amphitheater did two years prior. 

The only thing that partly upset me was that we won’t have a complementary food truck like in the previous years when FUSA provided a Super Duper Weenie truck. Yet, I understand that it is the end of the year and their funds are probably running low after booking our artists. Perhaps only the club could’ve pitched in to ensure we’re fed—especially with some students drinking or dancing in a heated pit where people are known to pass out.

I don’t know either of these artists quite well but I think part of the beauty of going to a concert where someone else chooses the performers allows you to experience music you wouldn’t necessarily choose yourself. And, while I was worried about going to the arena not knowing what songs to prepare, FUSA also provided a pre-concert playlist so that we could learn the songs beforehand—what an amazing idea! 

With 3,500 seats (including open floor access) and no possibility for guest tickets to be sold, I have no doubt that all students who want to go will be able to. There is no fear that tickets will quickly sell out as there is more than enough room. I do hope that everyone takes up the opportunity to come hang out and listen to music together—it would definitely be a magical experience to fill out the arena entirely with only fellow Stag members.

After much thought, I’ve decided this has the potential to be one of the best spring concerts during my undergraduate experience and I’m looking forward to the show more and more each day!

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