Daily Archives: November 13, 2008

She said:


When you look up Fairfield in college books, you see something like this: 1) gorgeous people looking like they stepped off the pages of a J.Crew magazine 2) senior housing on the beach and…3) terrifying registration stories.

I’m personally pissed about the new alphabetical order registration lottery. After three years of getting horrible lottery numbers, I thought senior year would be my chance to come out on top. Not so much; the M’s got screwed and I’m going to be stuck with lame classes at lame times, once again.

The worst part about senior year, besides the fact that it can’t last forever, is that we have don’t have another semester to put off those core classes. So underclassmen, don’t freak out when you see us in your science and philosophy classes wearing navy blue Fairfield Beach sweatshirts and reeking of booze.

Registration week is full of anxiety and nerves. It is the worst feeling when you punch in the class you need to take, just to find out it’s already full. Now, your fingers are furiously flipping through the course booklet to find a new section and hopefully get lucky choosing a teacher that you didn’t have time to research online. I’m a firm believer of choosing times before teachers. I mean, you could be on ratemyprofessor.com for hours just to find that they might have the little red hot chili pepper next to their names, but their finals are 35 pages long. There’s no point in wasting your time trying to figure out who will give an easy A.

A few rules to follow: Avoid nasty classroom hangovers. After a Thursday night of drinking, a teacher with a serious case of BO and the toilet in DSB is not a good combo the next morning. If you plan to go big on Tuesday and Thursday nights, avoid Wednesday and Friday morning classes. You will end up skipping them all the time or wake up still drunk and have no chance of understanding anything that will happen during that hour and 15 minutes of academic hell.

He said:


Oh, registration; what will we ever do without you? Regardless of one’s own personal opinion on the subject, I can’t believe this will be the final time I am registering for classes.

Registration gives us the opportunity to pick our poison, its weekly dose, as well as who will be administering it. My advice: avoid three-day-a-weeks if you can, and learn to love the word ‘turbo.’ Also, take advantage of the add/drop period. If there are no hot girls on the class roster, you’ll be bored regardless of who teaches the class.

To the underclassmen, we all apologize for leaving you with the most abysmal registration day, but we’ve all been there. As seniors, we have the ephemeral luxury of registering at 6 p.m. on Monday night and still getting into every class we wanted. But instead of lamenting over not getting your third choice, take a risk and choose a course that interests you regardless of the time code or what Rate My Professor says. (Though the site has provided very reliable and accurate information over the years.)

Also: a quick word on the core. Sign up for courses with interesting titles. They’re often not 8 a.m. classes and are generally easy.

Even though we go to college to be all educated and serious, I wish for once that the Registrar would include some classic college courses, at least just for kicks, and see who signs up for them. I mean, come on ‘- how funny would it be if you could sign up for ‘Female Anatomy’, ‘Introduction to Blackouts’ or even ‘Basket Weaving’? As an aside, what exactly does the Registrar’s office do when we aren’t registering for classes? All I’m saying is sending transcripts can’t take up all 14 weeks of the semester.

Even though we wish we could sign up for more interesting courses with easier professors and sexier coeds, college needs to have some negatives. Even if ‘The Art of Beirut’ isn’t a course, that’s the purpose of weekends. By the way, shout out to Big Bottoms on the win last Saturday, even though we almost got you in round two.