The Food Review: Wilson’s BBQ

It took me all of three years to finally walk into Wilson’s Barbeque, but hey, that’s how life works sometimes. I was instantly drawn in by the smell. It reeks of cooking meat and I could smell it from down the block.
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iPick, YouListen

“Prima Materia”- The Virgins- “Strike Gently” (2013) I got to see these guys this summer when they opened for The Killers in Newark, and I thought that they were great. If this song doesn’t get the head bobbing or the foot tapping, then I don’t know what will.
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The Food Review: Colony Grill

When you think of pizza and college you probably imagine early morning calls to Domino’s after a night of tomfoolery and shenanigans at the townhouses. You think of that greasy, hastily made “pizza” that you can’t get enough of after copious amounts of jungle juice and Natty Light. Or perhaps you think of boxes and boxes of Bavooki’s all over the floor of the Goat House. Kudos to you if you got the “Blue Mountain State” reference.

The Food Review: Merritt Canteen

It’s Saturday night and you and your friends are in a cab, heading back to campus after raging at Lantern Point all night. The night has bled into the wee hours of Sunday morning, and although you’re done partying for the night, you just begin to realize how hungry you are.

Beachside Deli has the goods

To freshmen and sophomores, Fairfield Beach and the surrounding neighborhood is a place of mystery. One doesn’t usually find oneself down by the beach during the day as an underclassman. Because of this, people miss out on one of the best places to grab some good, cheap food in town: the Beachside Deli.
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The Food Review – Archie Moore’s

There are a couple of places to eat in Fairfield that every student will inevitably visit at least once or twice during their college careers. Archie Moore’s Bar and Restaurant is one of those places. If you had to make a list of the places where Fairfield kids go out to eat the most, Archie’s is definitely in the top three.
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Student magician puts a spell on Fairfield

Starting with three ropes, all of different length, the magician was able to make them all appear to be the same length, connect them into one rope and perform a number of other awe-inspiring illusions...