Friday, 9/22

9:24 p.m. – DPS checked in on a noise violation in Regis and discovered vodka and beer. Forty people were found in the room, which was a violation of the limit of 12 people per room. Three students were referred to student conduct.


9:43 p.m. – An underage female student was found stumbling on Lynch Road. She was found to have a bottle of vodka with her. The student was referred to student conduct.


11:47 p.m. – A student and his unregistered guest were documented for underage possession of beer and for guest policy violations.


Saturday, 9/23

12:08 a.m. – The smell of marijuana led DPS to a townhouse on 11 Block where approximately half a pound of marijuana, roughly $1,000 in cash and other drug paraphernalia were discovered. One student was issued an infraction for possession and another student was arrested for intent to sell. All residents of the house are being referred to student conduct.


12:33 p.m. – Public Safety received a report that a nonconsensual sexual encounter occurred between two students the night before. The report is being investigated by the Title IX investigator and the Dean of Students Office. Public Safety and the Dean of Students Office are aware of the identities of the individuals involved and will take the appropriate response to ensure the safety of the community.


5:46 p.m. – Public Safety stopped a student who was driving with passengers riding outside of the car on Leeber Rd. The student was referred to student conduct and her privileges for having a car on campus have been revoked. One of the passengers refused to identify herself and attempted to indicate that she was not a student. She was referred to the Dean of Students Office.

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