Fairfield’s Charles F. Dolan School of Business was recently ranked 58 out of 132 schools in Bloomberg Businessweek’s list of best undergraduate business schools nationwide.

The rankings were based on five criteria: student survey, academic quality metrics, employer survey, median starting salary, and a “feeder school” score, according to a press release by News @ Fairfield.

Bloomberg Businessweek stated that Fairfield’s increase in ranking was the most significant of all schools on the list. Dean of the Dolan School of Business Dr. Donald Gibson stated that the 25 spot jump is a “tremendous accomplishment.”

One of the criterion to determine a school’s rank was student assessment. Gibson stated that students rated the DSB much higher this year than last year, which attributed to Fairfield’s higher ranking this year. In the category of student responses, Fairfield ranked 30 spots higher this year according to Gibson, which he believes is a reflection of the DSB’s initiatives on teaching.

“The part I’m proudest of is that our students gave our faculty an ‘A+’ for teaching quality. That is a sign of the quality of our faculty, and our emphasis on what goes on in the classroom as the most important part of what makes a Fairfield business education special,” stated Gibson.

Gibson cited the importance of student feedback in the ranking. He believes that the ranking acknowledges the DSB’s quality of teaching, among other qualities.

“I think this ranking is recognition of our ascendance as a national program, known for high-quality teaching, and preparing students very well for today’s job market,” stated Gibson. “This ranking is a sign that we’re headed in the right direction.”

The DSB’s ranking bested other Connecticut schools such as Quinnipiac, the University of Connecticut, and Sacred Heart University. Additionally, the DSB surpassed schools such as George Washington University and American University, which Gibson considers “schools we like to compare ourselves with.”

The DSB’s jump in ranking may have an impact on prospective business students and potential employers. In addition to establishing a notable domestic presence, Gibson believes the ranking may aid in raising awareness outside of America.

According to Gibson, “These kinds of rankings also raise our profile internationally, since students overseas pay a great deal of attention to how schools are ranked in the competitive US market.”

Despite the 25 place jump from 2013 to 2014, the DSB is always looking to improve.

“We are constantly looking at our curriculum and teaching approaches to be sure we are on the cutting edge of what we offer to students,” stated Gibson.

He also noted the importance of enhancing and modernizing facilities.

“We’d like to work on enhancing our Dolan School facilities and technology to address students’ needs in that area. That’s a longer-term goal than just next year, but one we are always working on.”

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