Are you tired of the same 100 songs that play on iTunes shuffle?  Are you looking for easy access to new and contemporary music to listen to? Are you new to Connecticut and need to find “your station”?

Well, here is a simple solution to all of your problems: 88.5FM WVOF, the student run radio station on Fairfield’s campus, and has been described by students as “hot stuff”!

Some may remember the station from the Activities Fair, seeing that it is quite likely that after you signed up to join the team for the free t-shirt and Frisbee, you may have realized that a guy in a gorilla costume was watching your every move. Others have lived on campus long enough to have tuned in at least once, if not frequently. But for those students out there that have foolishly deprived themselves of the station’s glory, The Mirror will give you a quick breakdown.

WVOF gives local broadcasts 24 hours a day with a variety of different shows and songs. Aiming to please the diverse student body here on campus, the team strives to appeal to everyone through the constantly changing palette of music and entertainment on the station. During the course of the day, you could hear anything from hip hop to gospel or heavy metal to Celtic. And for all of you sports fanatics out there, WVOF likes to be considered the “Snuggie of coverage,” and makes sure to get the scoop of many of the Fairfield sports events, including the basketball, lacrosse, baseball and soccer teams.

None of these suit your interest? Then make your own! The crew is open to all new show ideas and welcomes all who wish to join. Freshman, Brian “CrazySox” Gillespie, expresses his excitement saying, “I can not wait to get my very own show, and expose Fairfield University to all of my indie finds.”

Outside the big picture however, WVOF is just doing what they love, and hoping the school community loves it too. The team works hard to show that the station is real, that they do not just play the prerecorded songs of the rich and the famous, but throw in the personality of peers you could see here, right on campus.

You listen to real people and receive real entertainment, never knowing exactly what you are going to get. “The station is like a buffet,” Kevin Tellie, the station manager, says. “There’s a whole bunch of choices and flavors. If you like it, you can always go back for more, and if you don’t, then you can put it to the side.”

Still not convinced of switching your ways? Maybe the free giveaways and contests on the station will help to convince you.  Previously, WVOF has given away tickets to bands, such as the Counting Crows and The Scientists, free t-shirts, and free CD’s. And to assure the students stay involved, the team is lining up ideas for the students to attend concerts in New Haven or New York City, as well as having other little, but fun, events at The Levee or other places on campus.

So, put down your iPods and tune in to your college radio station, any day, at any time! Who knows, maybe you will stumble upon something you love.

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