Gaga’s new album was released Nov. 23.

Gaga’s new album was released Nov. 23.

Whether you like it or not, you love “Bad Romance.” You’ve heard it countless times on the radio, at parties, and whether you’re willing to admit it or not, you’ve wanted to hear it again. It’s not your fault — blame it on Lady Gaga for releasing such an infectious song which is guaranteed to get stuck in your head.

I loved Lady Gaga”s first album, “The Fame,” but the songs are so infectious and so overplayed that they only last for so long. I always like to hear “Just Dance,” but I don’t crave it the same way I used to because it’s already overdone. It was surprising to hear that “The Fame” was to be re-released with new tracks, but it was a very welcome surprise because we needed another melody to replace “Just Dance.”

Lady Gaga did not fail. The nine new tracks from “The Fame Monster” have not disappointed.

When I first heard “Monster,” I was a little creeped out listening to Lady Gaga sing, “He ate my heart and then he ate my brain.” But later that night, I found that the song was stuck in my head so much that all I needed was to hear it again. Like “Bad Romance,” “Monster” is the kind of song you can love to play at parties, but I think it also has a romantic undertone. The monster metaphor is a little extreme and grotesque, but let’s be serious — when Lady Gaga sings, “That boy is a monster,” we can say most boys are monsters. They don’t literally eat your heart, but figuratively they definitely do. You wouldn’t expect a metaphor like this, but it makes sense considering Lady Gaga’s style and personality. And no matter how gruesome it may sound, it is still sung in a relatively cheery way that will make you want to listen.

There have been doubts as to whether or not Lady Gaga can really sing beyond the techno tones she is known for, but she puts most of those doubts to rest with “Speechless.” She sings it like a ballad, but the music and style comes out sounding very classic rock. Only someone who really understands music can go from a catchy techno song to a catchy melody reminiscent of Queen. She sings with an inherent passion that makes you know she believes in the words she wrote. This isn’t a party tune — but it’s definitely something you’ll want to listen to over and over again.

The surprising part of the album is the cameo appearance by Beyonce. She’s someone you would not expect to hear working with Gaga, but the combined effect is phenomenal and adds new depth to the song “Telephone.” The song opens sounding slow with the melody of a harp, and Gaga singing demurely. But once she finishes the verse, the song transforms into a strong techno beat, and her voice takes a stronger edge. When Beyonce makes her appearance it is clear her voice has a harder nature than Gaga but the combination makes the collaboration worth it. This would definitely make a great single.

Of course the album features “Bad Romance,” but it also has a remix of “Bad Romance,” which just infuses more interest into the song, and reinforces the strongest elements of the track.

Lady Gaga has been a standout performer this year. The catch with her songs is that you love them, but after a while they become overplayed to the extent they will never be classics. Right now you’ll find me playing “The Fame Monster” on repeat, but I’m sure it won’t be long before I tire of these tracks. In the meantime, I’d rather enjoy it until her next album comes out.

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