Let me start off by saying that girls can dress however they want, but there are times when they will look stupid. Just like a guy wearing Nantucket reds or yellow pants in December, dressing like you are going clubbing in the middle of the summer while you actually trudge through 2 feet of snow in the townhouses looks idiotic.

With the temperatures this past weekend under five degrees and the next few days predicting the same, I’m sure there are ways to look “hot” without exposing yourself to potential frostbite. There is nothing hot about a girl who lost a finger because it froze off, even though you swear you looked hot the night it happened.

Guys, it really doesn’t matter for us how we dress in the winter; have a few beers and your beer blanket will take care of the rest. Quarter zip sweaters are easy enough to wear on nights out and girls think they are “classy.” (By the way, BlackBerry girl, they are quarter zips, not half zips, which is sad since I’m a guy correcting you on the name of clothes.)

In terms of footwear, just like I said last wee, Converse are stupid in the snow – and so are Topsiders and Tory Burch flats for girls. I’m undecided on the whole Uggs debate but I do know that when girls take them off, their feet stink. There is nothing attractive about taking your Uggs off in a dorm room and the guy needing to leave because he is going to get sick. Wear some socks for everybody’s sake.

This is more clothing then I ever wanted to talk about but it’s the topic this week. That’s the problem when BlackBerry girl chooses. But I must continue.

Winter is the time when nobody wants to dress well and everybody wants to be lazy. There is nothing wrong with this at all. I for one don’t think it is too hard to toss on a polo and quarter zip, but that is just me. Some guy is apparently wearing jeans for 15 months straight without washing them. I think that is a bit eccentric but if you live in Claver or the Townhouses and have to go outside to do your laundry, I could understand the appeal.

Dressing for class, in my opinion, is nothing important as long as you look like a presentable college student. I would not suggest wearing clothes from last night and the sweatpants look is just kind of sad but it’s the winter so we can let it slide. I will end with the wisdom of a previous ‘He Said’ writer Dan Stanzyck (clearly I can’t be funny on my own), “Girls, if any of you wear Uggs this year, you are going to get a swift kick in the shins.” This might be a bit harsh but then again, without socks, I have to agree with him.

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