As the year quickly comes to an end, there are so many things that all Stags should be taking advantage of before we pack up and head home for the summer (especially my fellow seniors out there). Even though we take for granted some of the resources that Fairfield offers, we should take a second and reflect on the unbelievable opportunities Stagsville offers.

My first recommendation would be to take advantage of Barone Dining Hall. The minute that I didn’t have a food plan, I realized how much I missed their prepared food. On the nights that I get home from class, the last thing that I feel like doing is whipping up a meal for myself. Additionally, I loved the variety of food in the dining hall. My meals now consist only of what is in my refrigerator that night, which is usually a whole lot of nothing. That being said, underclassmen need to eat up and enjoy. Seniors: go to Barone one last time before we walk across that stage on May 21.

Another resource that all students should be taking advantage of is our University’s Career Planning Center. Don’t know how to make your résumé better or even write a cover letter? Take a walk over to the Aloysius P. Kelley. S.J. Center and make an appointment with someone there. Also, every year toward the end of the first semester, the Career Planning Center runs the Alumni Shadow Program. It is an amazing networking opportunity to meet Fairfield alumni and see what they do for a living. The opportunity can lead to internships and even potential jobs in the future.


Take advantage of your neighbors. I know that may sound weird and sure, most Fairfield beach residents are other students, but these next couple of years will be the last time that you live in a building full of kids who are just looking to have a great time like you. Take the time to head to the common lounge, invite some neighbors that you’ve never met to hang out, or blast some music and have a dance party! You’ll miss it senior year when you have to be conscious of your neighbor with three babies and work at 5 a.m., and you can’t necessarily have your Tuesday night jam! That being said, some advice for living off campus would also be to continue the tradition of making friends with your neighbors, especially if they are Fairfield residents. You are representing the school, but off campus now. Take the time to introduce yourself and make a good impression so that they can help you out if you do ever happen to get into trouble.

Take advantage of the Levee. Especially if you are over 21, you will not find another bar with $3 beer and wine in walking distance of your house. Bring your friends, enjoy a drink or some great food at an even better price. I can’t tell you how many seniors say that they regret not taking advantage of an on-campus bar while they had the chance. Not to mention, all of the events that are put on at the Levee are always a blast. Take my advice and make the Levee lit!

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